Please Let Me Have Your Poop!

That's it, Max. Keep him distracted while I sneak up from behind...Easy now, a few more seconds...

I never, ever, no never thought I’d be begging a human being for their poop.

And yet it happens ’round these parts several times a week. It isn’t pleasant.

As opposed to changing Violet (who would generally calmly lay down and accomodate you by lifting her legs etc …) changing Henry is like trying to diaper a feral cat.

I have to chase him around the house while he giggles, begging him to just let me clean the poop out of his bum. Unlike dad, I have not perfected my “Diaper Bird” and have, in fact, been booed out of the room during a particularly weak attempt.

But now I have a new weapon in my diaper-changing arsenal. At the behest of Huggies I purchased some of their Snug & Dry Diapers and lo and behold, guess who is prominently featured right on the front of the diaper? Only Henry’s favorite high-pitched fella of all-time.

Mickey Mouse.

Lately I’ve taken to luring Henry to me in my best Mickey Mouse voice, while waving the diaper Mickey animatedly in Henry’s direction.

Hi Henry! It’s me, Mickey! Come a little closer, buddy and give me a love! Ooh, look at me, Henry. Mickey Mouse!

Instead of gallivanting in the opposite direction he stops and listens. If I keep up the banter eventually he peeps around the corner and waddles my way, totally suckered in my the talking Mickey diaper.

And then I pounce!  SUCKER!

But, the trick is, I hand him one diaper so he can gander at Mickey for the 20 seconds or so it takes me to wipe and re-diaper. By the time he’s over Mickey I’m generally finished.

Score! I just hope I get this kid potty-trained before he gets stick of the talking Mickey diaper.

A big thanks to Huggies for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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