Political Debates are like High School Cafeterias

I bet you were expecting a reference to binders here, weren’t you? Perhaps that’s when the High School notion came up for me. Binders, lockers…. but, no,  it’s way more than that.

Last night’s debate disappointed me. But it didn’t surprise me.

I’ve had it with “US” and “THEM”.

To me, “us” means all of us. And maybe even some of us who aren’t “us” yet, but sure would love to be. “Us” is everyone, even the people I don’t like. Even the ones who don’t like me.

To others “us” seems to mean people who are in their socioeconomic bracket, religious group, political party, ethnic group or geographic region. Everyone else, well, whoo hooo… Look Out!

It’s even more complicated than a High School lunchroom.

“That table over there, they’re part of “us” but that other one? We don’t want anything to do with “them”.

There are bullies. There are rumors. Things you can and can’t do, or else…

You better find someone to protect you! Didn’t you know you needed protecting? You do. Look how vulnerable you are. You might pick the wrong table and then your whole future could be destroyed!

The rules? Well we all know rules are made to be broken, challenged and changed, right?

Last night the moderator tried to contain the commentary as the candidates ran over. She was a lot like a frustrated lunch lady. You could see her exasperation, as if she wanted to box their ears.

On the red Town Hall carpet the candidates slipped into high school like roles. They would be your Quarterback, your Valedictorian if you let them.  Which one would you choose to protect you from the bullies in the lunchroom? Which table would you head to?  Civility started to break down as they made their points. It didn’t make anyone look particularly presidential to me. Disappointing.

Stupid things were said. For me, nothing was learned. I was sad. Sad for all of us and both of them.  I still feel strongly for one candidate over the other. Not because I feel he’ll do a better job protecting me from the people at the other tables, however.

I graduated High School when I was 16. I’ve not needed a Quarterback or a Valedictorian since.

I find the infighting and fear mongering infantile. We’re all adults here, aren’t we? We all want what’s best for this country and our kids. At least I hope we do. By all, let me clarify, I mean all. We ALL want ALL of Americans to be as successful as possible. That’s definitely going to be good for ALL of US.

I hope, whomever wins, that we can push all the tables together and intermingle and talk civilly when this election is over.  Like we did in college.

I never liked High School.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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