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So, while I’m on that hunt for perfect jeans I thought I’d share with you the Levi’s Curve ID Fit Finder tool. I used it when I was contacted by Levi’s to figure out what jeans are perfect for me. Then, I ordered my jeans online in the size I wanted.

But, they didn’t fit. When you’re a busy mom like me this tends to freak you out a bit, but it’s okay. I was just sad that I couldn’t wear them right away.

Womp womp.

I’ll tell you why it’s okay: because there’s a Macy’s in town! So I just brought them with me to the store to trade them in for another pair. I think I went wrong with “the size I wanted” because that wasn’t exactly “the size I am”.

I am still working on this in-between size thing because of losing 30 pounds last year. After I lost the weight, I realized that I needed to get rid of the size I absolutely didn’t want so I wouldn’t go back to wearing it and eating what I wanted and not exercising. Over the summer this year I continued my boring workouts which, naturally, changed my body but I had hit a plateau. One night, I picked up a flyer at my gym and noticed that they were having ongoing open gym volleyball and, let me tell you, I loved playing volleyball in high school. So, I started playing and gave up on my traditional treadmill/weight lifting/occasional yoga class routine and stayed with volleyball. Here’s what’s happened to my body: it has started changing again and shifting around and with all that, I am out of clothes that fit me well and make me feel good.

That’s why I decided to join this campaign. I needed to make some changes and figure out what clothes I need.

Levi’s has a fix for that and got me started on the road to recovery. Or, uh, the road to a new pair of jeans. It’s called the Curve ID Fit Finder and, even before you go into the store or pick out the Just Right pair of jeans, you can get real with yourself. It’s your body. You know it better than anywhere. I mean, don’t you take it everywhere you go?


So, try this. Take the Levi’s Curve ID Fit Finder quiz, and let me know what jeans you would end up with if we were to go shopping together. Go on. Tell me. I promise we’d stop for a pretzel and then I’d take you to work it off at volleyball with me. (And 20 extra points for identifying the movie in the title of this post. That’s 20 points. Not 20 calories.)


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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