Popping Water Balloons (Over My Kid’s Head)

Forget poppin’ tags, in my house it’s all about popping water balloons. For as long as I can remember I have been in love with water photography, or any photography that freezes a moment we would otherwise miss. Cats flying through the air, people getting it in the face with a blast of air, bullets flying through fruit and of course, water splashing. Last week I got the urge to create some water balloon photos of my own with the help of my lovely assistant Addie. I thought it would take a dozen or so tries to get some really cool shots but it took less than one to take my breath away. Of course we took a dozen more only because we were both so geeked out by what my camera was capable of capturing.

Check out a few of our best, including the grand finale of an enormous water balloon popping over Addie’s head.

  • Poppin’ Water Balloons 1 of 10
    Poppin' Water Balloons
  • Anticipation! 2 of 10
    This was the first balloon she popped, the anticipation showed in her face.
  • Freeze! 3 of 10
    The water held the shape of the balloon for the tiniest amount of time.
  • Fall 4 of 10
    Don't you love how the water fell in one big ball? Also, Addie's face.
  • Unreal 5 of 10
    I can't even believe I captured this, the exact MILLISECOND the pin touched the balloon.
  • Expert 6 of 10
    By this point Addie was an expert balloon popper, it was time to move on.
  • Head games 7 of 10
    Head games
    She was such a good sport, especially when this giant ball of cold water hit her from above.
  • Aiming 8 of 10
    I had to learn to aim the balloon towards the front of her head for the best splash.
  • Mushroom splash 9 of 10
    Mushroom splash
    How cool is it to know what a splash really looks like in slow motion?
  • Sheets of water 10 of 10
    Sheets of water
    Water photographed at high speeds is easily one of my most favorite things to shoot. So amazingly unpredictable.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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