Portrait Of A Mom Blogger, And One Or Two Kids Without Pants

Last year, Intel asked me if I’d do a video with them for their Tech Wonders channel. Which was really flattering, and also a little confusing, because when it comes to me and tech, the word ‘wonder’ is not what comes to mind in any context other than ‘I wonder how Catherine gets by in such a technological world when she can’t even synch her iPhone and her MacBook.” But they assured me that it was relevant and appropriate, and I chose to be reassured, and the result is what follows – a video interview with me about my experience as a mom blogger, and specifically about my experience as a mom blogger who believes that the act of mom blogging is really kind of maybe just a little bit radical. Which I do believe, especially when it comes to sharing stories and bridging distances and opening up the public sphere to our voices and changing the world and yadda yadda, and which belief I expound upon at some length here. Also, I cry. I’m a crier. (The post that I cry about? That would be this one. It’s not like it’s gut-wrenching or anything. It’s just, you know, reading those words out loud, agh.)

There are also some images of my extremely untidy loft (in my defense, the pictures were all taken shortly after we moved in, before we’d unpacked), and at least one image of Jasper without pants, reaching for a woodsaw. Please disregard those pictures, and substitute whatever mental images you can conjure that will support your idea of me as a woman who lives in a ordered home and who does not let her children get their hands on sharp tools.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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