Practical and Creative Battery Storage Solutions

Hey there parent! If you’re anything like me you have a few various items around your home that require batteries, some a little more often than others. I can still remember getting the GREATEST TOY EVER Christmas morning only to realize my parents didn’t see “batteries not included” on the box. I swore that when I was a parent I would never be without batteries and without batteries I never have been.

One of the greatest things you can do for yourself is find an easy and reliable way to store keep track of batteries. I use several different methods, one of them being “throw them all in the junk drawer!” While some are certainly more effective than others, we never are without batteries. The rechargeable batteries and their chargers stay in one place while the disposable and smaller batteries stay high up, out of the reach of little hands and little mouths. Think that drawer full of random batteries is doing its job? Click through to find out how easy (and stylish!) true battery storage can be.

  • 22 Bin Plastic Storage Cabinet 1 of 6
    22 Bin Plastic Storage Cabinet
    THIS. This is the one with a place for everything. Not only would this cabinet hold batteries, it would hold those little charger tips for electronics, battery chargers, random little cables, ear buds, tweezers, paperclips, memory cards, basically everything that multiplies and replenishes in that *ehem* junk drawer.
    Available from Amazon $19.97
  • Battery Containers 2 of 6
    Battery Containers
    I keep an AA sized storage container full of (charged) rechargeable batteries in my camera bag at all times. When it's time to switch out my flash batteries I know which ones have been discharged (they stay on the right) and which ones are up next.
    Available from The Container Store. $1.49-$2.99
  • 5 Drawer Plastic Unit 3 of 6
    5 Drawer Plastic Unit
    This is the the type of storage unit I have in my closet right now, up high so the kids can't get into it but labeled well enough that I always know what I have and/or need. Smaller three drawer units are also available for smaller spaces.
    Inspired by At the End of the Drive
    Available from Neatly Smart $7.49
  • Basket with Lid 4 of 6
    Basket with Lid
    This is most certainly the prettiest idea for battery storage. Fill it with clear plastic cups, then fill each cup with a specific size of battery. An easy way to hide batteries in plain sight.
    Inspired by Imperfect Homemaking
    Available from Pier1 $25.00
  • ArtBin Storage Box 5 of 6
    ArtBin Storage Box
    Not only is this great for organizing different sized of batteries, it latches tightly meaning you can toss it around Christmas morning or store it sideways on a shelf without the batteries flying out everywhere. The multiple compartments allow for many different sizes and kinds of batteries.
    Inspired by A Bowl Full of Lemons.
    Available from JoAnn's $19.99 (check newspaper and mailers for 40% off coupons!)
  • Multi-Battery Storage Box 6 of 6
    Multi-Battery Storage Box
    Perhaps you're not in a home full of little people and their little toys with ALL THE BATTERIES. This is a cheap simple solution to keep a few stray batteries under control and organized (especially in the junk drawer. *ehem*)
    Available from The Container Store. $5.99

Equally important is a safe place to toss dead and used batteries where they can be recycled according to recommended guidelines.

A big thanks to Energizer for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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