Preschooler Resolutions

2014glassToday is New Year’s Eve, and my almost four-year-old, Annie, heard me talking to my husband about my resolutions for the new year.

“What are resolutions, Mommy?”

I told her that resolutions are things that people want to accomplish in the new year.

“Mommy, I want to make resolutions! I have lots of things I want to ‘complish next year.”

Of course I wanted to know exactly what these things are, so without further ado, here are Annabel’s resolutions for 2014.

1) Remember to put my playdoh away
Annie says, “I am always forgetting to put away my playdoh, and then it gets hard and I can’t play with it anymore! Daddy says I need to be better about remembering so I want to resolutions this!”

2) Eat more ice cream
Annie says, “I really don’t think I eat enough ice cream, Mommy.”

3) Go on more adventures
Annie says, “REAL adventures, Mommy. Not going to Target! Going to the snow and maybe swimming and rescuing a lion and stuff.”

4) Meet all the Disney Princesses
Annie says, “Mommy, I really want to meet Elsa, she wasn’t there when we were at Disneyland! And I want to meet Mulan! And I would also like to see Belle again, and ride the teacups. Can we go to Disneyland today?”

5) Play with James
Annie says, “I just love my baby brother! Jamesie is so cute and I love to kiss him! I want him to jump in the bounce house and also play dolls with me. Do you think he would want to play pretend with me? He doesn’t have to know how to talk but I know he has a good imagination. Yesterday he imagined I was flying!”

Happy New Year! I hope your resolutions are just as awesome.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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