Presidential Debate Promises Steak and Kittens

presidential election 2012I listened to all four debates, and to tell the truth I started feeling overwhelmed. The pundits! The commercials! Who will win the election?!!

I knew I needed a new perspective, so I went to two people who have opinions on just about everything: my children.

My 11- and 6-year-old begged me to record them having a debate about America’s most pressing issues. So I agreed, only if I could play the world’s most evil moderator. They agreed to my terms.

I came up with each debate question on the fly, and I was as tough as they come. Each participant was warned they had very little time to get their point across (mainly because I don’t have much space on my cell phone). I think Candy Crowley and Bob Schieffer could learn a thing or two from my moderation style, but we’ll have to leave that discussion for another day.

During this debate, I learned my son is probably a Republocrat. He wants jobs and a better economy, but also healthcare for all. He’s obsessed with Top Gear and cars, but is a flip-flopper on the official speed limit. He believes he should be taken more seriously, and did not appreciate my nuanced performance of an evil moderator.

As for my daughter (aka 40 Pounds of Fury)? She’s obsessed with jaguars, thinks we all need kittens and that the country’s official national snack should be cake. Her platform is “chickens are fun,” and she uses debate tactics like Joe Biden on his best day.

I leave it to you to decide who won the debate.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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