20 Priss-free Gifts to Buy Your Princess-loving Kid

I don’t hate princesses. Really I don’t. They just make me uncomfortable. I don’t like the overly pink and helpless fantasy that is a popular package for little girls.  I want my daughters to be strong and powerful, educated and healthy in every way.

I’d like them to be revered for their actual beauty and their good sense — two things they should feel more confident about without a poufy dress to fluff them.

Magic and fairies, frisky animal companions and princes that save you from financial and social despair are in wretchedly short supply these days. Fantasy is fun, but is it fair to sell our daughters such a sugar-coated and unrealistic story? Shouldn’t their fantasies include stronger and more positive role models? And fewer pastels?

Though I adore Disney animation and products, I don’t always love the princess message. I want more! This year, I think Disney is listening.

My girls have their own ideas about princesses. In fact, each has gone to an opposite extreme:

My oldest would wear a tiara and a Belle costume to school tomorrow if she could get away with it. To High School. She lives for the color pink, bling, Prince Charming, and running in heels.  She still watches Disney princess films.

My younger daughter earned a note home from her kindergarten teacher with her work of art entitled “Princesses are STUPID” featuring a princess bleeding to death when her prince failed to save her and the other princesses tried to claw her eyes out. But she enjoys a good Disney trip and Disney store shopping spree every bit as much as her big sister.

Fortunately there’s plenty out there to get gifty with. Princess doesn’t have to mean pink, frothy, and prissy.

Even if your little girl is all about the princesses and you are decidedly not, I’m willing to bet that there’s something out there that can make you both (as well as both of my daughters) happy.

Here’s the list to prove it: Princess gear that doesn’t priss me off!


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