Project 365: What Will I Learn From A Year Of Photo Taking?

It started off with me saying I wasn’t going to take on any New Years Resolutions. Which of course made me REALLY WANT to take on some new years resolutions. Plus, I’ve had this bug up my butt to do some video but in order to make my camera spit out what my mind’s eye has imagined, I’m going to have to learn to really use the damn thing. And then there’s this whole “stop and smell the roses” experience I’m starting to find through the lens (or, more accurately, through my clumsy amateur picture taking.)

Ten days in (and already a day behind on posting my shots…but seeing as this isn’t a new years resolution, there aren’t any rules I have to worry about following) I’m still hoping to stick with this endeavor, and I can’t help but wondering — beyond the camera itself, what will I learn about myself tackling a project like this? As a creative professional, I use my creativity for others on a daily basis. I use my creativity to patch the roof and pay the bills and I can’t tell you how good it feels to have an excuse to be creative just for the hell of it.

Have you ever tackled a project for you? I want to hear about it.

  • Day One 1 of 8
    Day One
    I set the camera on manual, did a little reading on exposure, and I was off. But taking one decent picture isn't hard. Can I keep it up for 365 days?
  • Day Two 2 of 8
    Day Two
    I worried about varying my subject matter; even with a toddler and three dogs 365 is a lot of pictures. I stuck with the lens I knew best for the second day running.
  • Day Three 3 of 8
    Day Three
    I forced myself to switch up the lenses, and spent a bit of time cozying up to this hunk in my driveway.
  • Day Four 4 of 8
    Day Four
    Ventured out into the world with the camera for the first time, and found myself struggling between looking for my shot of the day and not being anti-social. Luckily Brooke and Roz were understanding.
  • Day Five 5 of 8
    Day Five
    For once, the kid made it easy. Also, another lens change. I'm trying not to let myself get too comfortable with any one lens or setting. Makes my brain hurt.
  • Day Six 6 of 8
    Day Six
    I shot nothing during the day and was left to battle the low light of after-dinner reading. Kind of wish I'd left this one in color.
  • Day Seven 7 of 8
    Day Seven
    Again, with the forgetting to shoot until dinner time. Or more precisely potty time.
  • Day Eight 8 of 8
    Day Eight
    Again, I ventured out with the camera and again, I felt totally anti-social. Super speedy toddlers presented a challenge, but were also really fun to chase.

I do for work what most folks do to waste time. (I don’t know how that happened either.) Follow my productivity on, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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