Prom Dresses Through the Years

After I posted slide shows of my kids’ proms HERE and HERE, I was sent a link to Disney’s Forever Enchanted Spring 2013 Collection of prom dresses. I didn’t even know Disney made prom dresses, but who better to create a gown fit for a princess, right? After scrolling through the pictures, I decided I wanted to go to prom just so I could wear one of those gorgeous gowns. Better yet, I wanted a ‘do-over’! I want to trade in the fluffy, frilly, pale peach Gunne Sax dress I wore in 1988 (and the big hair that went along with it) for one of these beautiful gowns (and a straight iron for my hair). This got me thinking about how styles have changed through the years. I put a shout-out to my readers on Facebook, asking for their prom pics and as usual they came through with flying colors! I know you’ll enjoy this slide show of prom dresses from 1959 to the present! And a huge “thank you” to everyone who sent me their picture! I wasn’t able to use all of them here because I got so many, but I appreciate the time and effort you all took to send them to me! You’re all beautiful!

  • 1959 1 of 28
    This is Marg and Gene. They were juniors at the time. I love how the girls wore gloves back then. Nice looking couple!
  • 1963 2 of 28
    This is Diana (who happens to be my mom). She wore a hoop under this dress. It doesn't seem comfortable, but it's very princess-like.
  • 1965 3 of 28
    This is Gail. Is it just me or do kids from a generation ago look older and classier than kids today? Beautiful!
  • 1966 4 of 28
    This is Barbara going to the Military Ball at Rockford West High School in Rockford, IL. I think I enjoy looking at the interiors of the houses as much as the dresses!
  • 1968 5 of 28
    Here is Barbara (on right) at her senior prom. I love how the guys really coordinate with the girls!
  • 1969 6 of 28
    This is Liz (She looks like Liz Taylor, doesn't she?) What a pretty dress and I love the hair!
  • 1978 7 of 28
    Here is April. She had bought a short dress to wear, but a week before prom she broke her foot jumping to catch a frisbee. To hide the cast, her sister gave her the dress she'd gotten married in the year before. (She remained best friends with her prom date until he recently died.) How cool is that?
  • 1979 8 of 28
    This is Dawn. She has a lovely dress. Her date's tux, on the other hand . . . Wow, check out those ruffles!
  • 1985 9 of 28
    This is Kendra on the right with her friend Kelly. The cool thing is that they're still friends. (I ran out of room or I would've also posted the picture of them at a reunion in 2006. They're just as beautiful!)
  • 1985 10 of 28
    This is Sandy (she's the daughter of Gail from 1965)! This dress could totally double as a wedding gown! I love the lace ‘Madonna gloves'.
  • 1986 11 of 28
    This is Kristine. Oh, the 80s with their puffy sleeves. I think half my wardrobe had puffy sleeves and/or shoulder pads. Have you seen bigger smiles on two people? Love it!
  • 1988 12 of 28
    This is my friend Cheri. When I asked if she had a picture of her prom dress, instead of sending me a picture from 1988, she went and tried on the dress. And it fit! And ZIPPED! I'm impressed.
  • 1988 13 of 28
    This is me with my friends, Julie and Erica, and our dates. I don't know what I like more the ruffles, the big hair, or the nylons and shoes dyed to match the dresses.
  • 1989 14 of 28
    I'm thinking that Jessica and her friends were just tired of having their pictures taken, but looking at this snapshot, I get the impression that only the guy on the right was happy about going to prom. I think my sister had an almost identical white lace dress with a handkerchief hemline.
  • 1989 15 of 28
    This is Marcy. It's still the 80s, so big hair, ruffles, and fingerless gloves were in. I'm loving this little fashion show of prom dresses!
  • 1990 16 of 28
    This is Maggie and her friends. I love the ruffles on the girls, but I think the boys have a little dirt on their upper lips.
  • 1991 17 of 28
    This is Angela and her date. I actually love the big hair and the dress, and her date has totally customized that tux. It looks like tails with a cowboy hat and are those black jeans?
  • 1991 18 of 28
    This is Laura and her date. I see that nylons and shoes dyed to match are still in. And I'm loving the whole mullet look!
  • 1991 19 of 28
    Although Maggie's dress is really pretty, I bet she had feathers floating around, stuck in her hair and mouth all night.
  • 1992 20 of 28
    This is my friend Ilene. I'm trying to pinpoint when ruffles were no longer cool. I guess it wasn't in 1992. Beautiful!
  • 1992 21 of 28
    I actually really like Jacqui's dress and the short jacket on her date. But mostly, I'm impressed that she got her hair to stay like that. Gotta love Aquanet!
  • 1992 22 of 28
    I love Winona's dress! It looks like we're back in the 1960s with the full skirt and gloves. Lovely!
  • 1993 23 of 28
    When I first saw Shari's dress, I thought it looked familiar, but I couldn't quite place it. Then it hit me - it looks like Drew Barrymore's dress in the movie Never Been Kissed! Awesome!
  • 1994 24 of 28
    This is Emily. I've decided that dresses started looking nice and classy in 1994. The ruffles and general poofiness seem to be gone now.
  • 1997 25 of 28
    Here's Kathy in another sleek, classy dress. I think the late 90s were a good dress era.
  • 1998 26 of 28
    This is Julia and she's from Sweden. It looks like the 90s were a good dress era in Europe as well.
  • 2010 27 of 28
    Here's Lydia in another pretty dress from modern times. I really want that pashmina! Beautiful!
  • Disney Forever Enchanted Spring 2013 Collection 28 of 28
    Disney Forever Enchanted Spring 2013 Collection
    There is a huge variety of absolutely breathtaking gowns fit for a any princess here. I don't even think I choose just one. I may need one for doing laundry and another for cooking dinner, still another for cleaning bathrooms . . .

Thank you again to everyone who sent me a picture! You rock!

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