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This past weekend, my daughter was asked to attend a Junior Prom. It’s not our first Rodeo, which is to say it would absolutely be our first rodeo — but we do have family experience with high school dances courtesy of my son.

But as it turns out, the experience is a little different with a daughter. Shall we?

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  • Pop the question! 2 of 13
    Pop the question!
    First the teen girl will be asked to prom in a creative way, for instance the mid-winter surprise of luminaries on the lawn which spell out 'Prom?' The parents of the teen are very relieved it doesn't spell, "Porn".
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    Find a dress!
    Next the teen girl will search for the perfect dress, which begins with hours of online shopping and emailing these options to the teen's mother, who complains that her own wedding dress didn't cost that much. The dress search thankfully concludes when something is borrowed from the teen sister of the teen's brother's girlfriend.
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    The teen girl will then hunt for the perfect accessories to match the dress, which includes the acquisition of earrings and bracelets and necklaces and stockings and shoes and purse. And the mall pretzel the teen girl will eat when shopping for these items.
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    Matchy matchy!
    Then the teen girl must help her date decide what kind of flowers will best match her dress, but really it's just an opportunity to confuse her date with color requests such as chartreuse. Photo courtesty of Ixchel Lemus-Bromley
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    Do the Hairdo!
    Next the teen girl will plead for a professional hairstylist appointment by pointing out that she saved you money by borrowing the dress, to which the teen's mom will reply that not spending isn't the same as found money, so the teen's mother hires her teen niece .
  • Girlfriends have Girlfriends! 7 of 13
    Girlfriends have Girlfriends!
    Next your teen girl will flock together with other teen girls to get dressed for the prom and, eventually, pose for record album covers.
  • Assemble the Paparazzi! 8 of 13
    Assemble the Paparazzi!
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    And the paparazzi will shout things in the general direction of the gathered teens, such as, "She needs to stand on a lower step, and he needs to stand on the higher step and can the tall guy move to the end and can the guy standing on the floor move to the other side and can you all just swap dates?
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  • Prepare to leave! 11 of 13
    Prepare to leave!
    The teen girl's friend will need to remember to bring shoes she can actually drive in.
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    Next the teen girl will be whisked away in a limousine dressed as the backseat of her teen friend's dad's two-door coupe.
  • Fun! 13 of 13
    And off into the night the teen girl and her friends will go, where they will ignore their baked cod and dance in an outdoor tent where the nighttime frost is displaced by the press of friends having a great time.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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