Putting Together an Outfit with Levi’s

This has been a blast working on finding my own personal jeans and working with Macy’s and Levi’s. I almost don’t want it to end, but here we are. Not only did I find a great pair of jeans to take with me on my upcoming trip to Africa, but I managed to find a pair that will hide dirt because I sure as heck won’t be washing clothes while I’m there and I needed something that would withstand a week of wearing them off and on.

My favorite part of this was learning that Levi’s had a variety of types of jeans. In my mind, when I thought of Levi’s, I thought back to high school when there really was just one or two different kinds of jeans to wear. Regular and flared.

Oh, how silly we were back then.

Now, though, Levi’s has a whole slew of choices and I made a list of my favorites so that the next time I got shopping (whether that’s online or going to the mall) I will take this list with me:

Skinny Mid-Rise in paprika, turquoise, or silver

Demi Curve Skinny

Bold Curve Bootleg

Straight Leg Mid-Rise (blue wash)

Bold Curve Straight Leg (limitless wash)

Bold Curve Skinny Leg (infinite wash)

Classic Demi Curve Straight Leg

Slight Curve Bootcut

In coming up with an outfit, I put together this one from things I already owned. Basically, I needed another pair of jeans to wear to work on Blue Jean Friday (which is now Turquoise Jean Friday for me!) that is both classic and classy and meets my standards of comfort. You’ll notice the pop of color comes in my accessories of a turquoise (there’s that color again!) necklace of which I have plenty and the coral colored oxford shoes.

I wear a lot of layered clothing at work because I spend time outside during recess and then back in my office or a classroom where air conditioning is a crapshoot. The reason I chose these shoes was probably also due to the fact that I walk a lot and, again, spend time outside and that’s hard to do in heels. Most of my jewelry is simple and can be used to dress way up or dress down so it’s got to be versatile and sturdy. The reason I love these jeans is because, in turquoise, I could probably get away with wearing them on a day other than just Jeans Friday (I hope my boss isn’t reading this!) but also because I like having them in a color that can hide a lot of dirt.

I hope you go search for your own kind of Levi’s jeans and find something you like. If you do, let me know! It will probably make me go shopping again and I wouldn’t hate that, you know?

You can see all of my choices for this outfit by clicking on this link.

A big thanks to Levi’s for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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