18 Rainy Day Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy!

There’s not a whole lot I love more than a dramatic summer rain storm — and it certainly is the season! Adults might love those downpours, but chances are your kids might not share the same affinity nor enjoy being cooped up inside, which is why I thought I’d do you a solid and put together a few really fantastic rainy day activities to help keep them occupied while the weather does its thing.

All you’ve got to do is click through the gallery below to find a solution or two to all your kid related precipitation problems.

  • Cereal Box Jet Packs! 1 of 18

    Kick their imagination into high gear with these awesome jet packs you can make from cereal boxes!

    Find all the details here from Small Fry

  • Cloud Dough 2 of 18

    Cloud dough is perfect for indoor entertainment and gives your kids a little bit of sensory stimulation as a bonus.

    Recipe here from Kids Craft Ideas

  • Wrapping Paper Roll Light Sabers 3 of 18

    I am all for toys that inspire a little fun and imagination without risking bodily injury or major property damage. These wrapping paper roll light sabers look like just the thing!

    Details here from In Lieu Of Preschool

  • Toothpick And Marshmallow Scupltures 4 of 18

    Here's a classic that never really gets old. Bust out the toothpicks and marshmallows for all sorts of creative fun. 

    Inspiration via A Happy Nest

  • Sink Or Float? 5 of 18

    Perfect for preschoolers and toddlers alike! Fill your sink or a bowl with water and gather up a few common items around the house then have a fun game of "sink or float"!

    Inspiration via Marta Writes

  • Milk Carton Sailboats 6 of 18

    Empty milk or juice cartons make great sailboats! Take them for a run in the tub or even outside in the gutter if you've got enough rain!

    Details here from Molly Moo

  • Homemade Flubber! 7 of 18

    Oh yeah! Flubber, Gak, it's a substance with many names and 100% entertainment written all over it (and easy to make too). 

    Details here from Frugal Fun Challenge

  • Foam Window Creations 8 of 18

    Use your already dirty windows (who has clean windows with kids?) and let your kids create fun artwork with a little water and some foam cutouts. 

    Inspiration via The Imagination Tree

  • Pasta Sculptures 9 of 18

    Dig into your pasta stash and let your kids glue them together into any sort of sculpture or art display they want! A cheap and easy activity, yay!

    Via Parents

  • Pool Noodle Swords 10 of 18

    These are so much fun to play with and kids can be involved in their construction from start to finish!

    See how to make these here from One Two She

  • Shoebox Parking Ramp 11 of 18

    Find some old shoeboxes and help your kid construct a cool parking garage and ramp for their matchbox cars. 

    Inspiration via Lilla A

  • Contact Paper Window Art 12 of 18

    Tape up some contact paper with the sticky side out and get artistic with some matchsticks or toothpicks!

    Details here from A Little Learning For Two

  • Homemade Bouncy Balls! 13 of 18

    Have the kids help you out with this one but maybe limit testing them out to the garage if you want to keep all your windows and treasures intact!

    Details here from Portland Frugal Family

  • Koolaid Play-Doh 14 of 18

    Play-Doh is always a big hit at my house, no matter the age! Here's a recipe that uses Koolaid to color the dough rather than food coloring leaving it yummy smelling to boot. 

    Details here from No Ordinary Moments

  • Washi Or Painter Tape Roads 15 of 18

    Washi Tape makes for some great indoor roads and maps, or you can use simple painter's or masking tape instead if you covet your Washi tape collection like I do. Kids love this activity!

    Inspiration via Small Fry  

  • Homemade Puffy Paint 16 of 18

    Art project! This one's a little messy but hey, it's a guaranteed hit. 

    Get the details here from Simply Sprout

  • Build A Fort! 17 of 18

    A classic and so much fun. Have a read-a-thon, watch a favorite movie, go camping indoors!

    Inspiration via Today's Parent

  • Indoor Hopscotch 18 of 18

    Painter's tape is the source of so many good things, how about a game of indoor hopscotch?

    Inspiration via Like Mom and Apple Pie


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