Raising Boys and Puppies is Surprisingly Similar!

Forgive me, sweet Babble friends, but I have been remiss in my posting here. However, I have what is either an excellent or a dumb excuse — it all depends on your point of view, I suppose.

We have a new puppy!

Everyone, please meet Lola. Lola is an adorable 10 week-old Boxer. Lola is also a lot of work.

A lot.

While the newest member of our family has been QUITE an adjustment, we wouldn’t trade her for the world. (I may be convinced to trade her for a bit more sleep, but no one is offering.) Perhaps it’s my sleep-deprived state, but I’ve been thinking a lot of the ways that puppies and boys are similar.

Here are a few, I’d love to know if you agree!

  • You spend a lot of time reading about how to do it right 1 of 6
    You spend a lot of time reading about how to do it right
    I have read every book on puppyhood that I could get my hands on: Puppies for Dummies, The Art of Raising a Puppy, and most embarrassing of all, How to be your Dog's Best Friend, and I still can't have enough. There's so much to learn! So many ways you can screw it up! It all reminds me of the stacks of books I read when I was expecting my first baby. I have to remind myself to trust my instincts, right? photo credit: drewleavy via photopin cc
  • You spend a lot of time dealing with pee and poop 2 of 6
    You spend a lot of time dealing with pee and poop
    This one is pretty obvious, and pretty disgusting. But biology trumps my OCD cleaning tendencies. I just rolled up the rugs and armed myself with white vinegar. This too shall soon as you get housetraining and potty training right. I'm currently potty training my three year old son and housetraining the puppy, and let's just say I'm doing a lot of laundry these days. Almost as much as when I had newborns in the house. photo credit: phatfreemiguel via photopin cc
  • Things that are cute now won’t be so cute when they’re full grown. So nip bad habits in the bud. 3 of 6
    Things that are cute now won't be so cute when they're full grown. So nip bad habits in the bud.
    Jumping up when greeting people, growling when you take their food plate away, loud requests for your attention -- all these things are unacceptable when they're full grown, so don't encourage it in your young'uns. Or in your puppy. photo credit: BuzzFarmers via photopin cc
  • Everyone has advice 4 of 6
    Everyone has advice
    I remember when I would take my babies out in the winter; no matter how bundled up they were, it was never enough for random old ladies. Well, guess what? It's the same thing with a puppy. "Buy her a sweater!" "She's shivering, did you know you can buy boots for your dog?" (No, I did not.) photo credit: alleykitten via photopin cc
  • They have cute things for them now that didn’t exist the last time you did this 5 of 6
    They have cute things for them now that didn't exist the last time you did this
    Puppy gear, much like baby gear, changes at lighting speed these days. I can't keep up with all the adorable, hipster-approved, colorful gear around. I could go broke just buying things she'll outgrow in a few weeks. Which is why I resist the urge to buy cute stuff for the dog and I just use hand-me-downs, like I did with the boys. Lola wore their old size 18 months Red Sox hoodie yesterday. (What? It was cold!) photo credit: amandajane via photopin cc
  • Food choices are controversial 6 of 6
    Food choices are controversial
    Man, I am still not over this one. Raw food vs. kibble, Puppy Chow vs. grain free food, grass-fed rawhide vs. guys, the feeding controversies in puppy world rival infant feeding battles. I will not share what side of the fight I'm on, mainly because,'s a dog. She happily eats my shoes if I'm not careful.  photo credit: ingodibella via photopin cc

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