Raising Entrepreneurs…. I Think

Photo Credit: Bill Davenport
Photo Credit: Bill Davenport

I’m an entrepreneur at heart. Always have been and always will be. From the time I started my first business mowing lawns for $30 a pop, to different businesses I’ve had in IT, Transportation and now new media I’ve been on a path of educating myself in order to be successful.

One of my desires has always been to teach these lessons to my children so they won’t have to learn each lesson the hard way. As with any parent, I want my children to be more successful than myself. This first hand education is one of the ways I’m working to achieve that.

Here are five ways that I’m working to raise future entrepreneurs:

1) I make sure that the kids see the work that goes into a successful business. Through our business we’re afforded amazing opportunities, trips and experiences. My kids have done all types of things as young kids that I didn’t have the chance to do until adulthood. Through it all, I want them to realize that these opportunities are not gifts but the result of hard work, dedication, and effort.

2) Trips to the bank. This may seem simple, but I like taking my girls with me to the bank to make deposits, transfers etc… My youngest loves going (so she can get lollipops), but I’m hoping that when they grow older they’ll reflect on those experiences going to the bank often with dad. Plus my oldest daughter thinks I’m a star when I walk in and 5 different people acknowledge me by using my last name.

3) I put the kids to work. Barring any child labor laws I put my girls to work. I have them packaging our films and taking trips to the post office with me. When we shoot a video at home I’ll have our oldest assist with operating the camera. I want them to feel like they are a part of the family business as early as possible.

4) I encourage their entrepreneurial spirit. We talk about what kinds of businesses they would like to operate. We also discuss what will be required to achieve those goals.

5) I infuse heavy doses of Shark Tank. Yep, I love the show and I encourage the kids to sit down and watch it with me. They will most of the time and they’ll enjoy the pitches and products. I’ll ask them questions and engage them to make sure they can follow along. We’ve even done pretend pitch sessions where they invent and pitch to Ronnie and I.

Whether they’ll be entrepreneurs or not is up to them but I hope that when they do reach adulthood they’ll be better equipped and better prepared for success in whatever they dream to do. All with the help of daddy’s love along the way.


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