Another new fruit!  Quinn and I were at the grocery store and spotted these odd things that turned out to be rambatans.  They looked like red-brown sea urchins all nestled in between the mangoes and the bananas.  I’m not sure why that’s the spot where our grocery store rotates in the mystery fruits, but we always know to check there if we want to discover something new.

I wonder if someone has to make a request for a store in Wisconsin to carry something so exotic or if the store just gets offered a deal?  Has anyone else seen these before? 

  • Rambatan 1 of 9
    This one was a challenge from checkout to Google. The cashier at the grocery store didn't have a clue what it was and had to go find it herself in the produce section before she could ring it up. And the store had it advertised as a 'rhamabatan' which the internet steered into rambatan for me.
  • Inspection with a paper mouse for scale 2 of 9
    Aden described it as an enlarged, hairy blackberry. Kind of reminded me of the pods the buckeyes at Ohio State grew in on the trees. Mona's latest paper creation pocket mouse decided to check it out as well.
  • A peek inside 3 of 9
    I sliced into the outer shell and cracked the rest open. It kind of looked like a huge, translucent, white grape inside.
  • Sticky 4 of 9
    All the kids touched and declared it sticky and a tiny bit squishy--like a peeled grape.
  • Slicing it up 5 of 9
    I cut off little pieces for everyone.
  • Aden goes first 6 of 9
    Aden usually volunteers to go first. I'm actually impressed that she is as adventurous with food as she is considering she's the only one of my kids with food allergies.
  • Mona sticks around! 7 of 9
    Mona actually tasted this one! Normally she flees. But she described the taste as being like "an over-juiced apple" and I think that's a really good description. It was sweet and very wet with a texture somewhere between a grape and maybe a pear.
  • Bitter seed 8 of 9
    There was also a seed in the middle that kind of looked like an almond, but everything we read about rambatans said the seeds were bitter so we left it alone.
  • Not bad! 9 of 9
    A thumbs up from Aden, and a thumbs sideways from both Mona and Quinn. I kind of liked this one. This was the first mystery fruit we've tried that we agreed we would eat again. Considering it was $7.99 a pound and disappeared as fast as it arrived from the store I don't know if we'll have the chance, but nice to have tried something new that we enjoyed!

I’m glad my kids have continued to be enthusiastic about trying new stuff from the produce section.  But I’ve decided when I turn 80 I will eat nothing but donuts and cheese.  Or maybe a rambatan again if one of my kids offers it to me.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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