Random Acts of Kindness

It’s Random Act of Kindness week. Yesterday I helped my daughter make little hand stitched boxes to hand out to random strangers on the street.

Her birthday was last Saturday, and with all the gifts and her being the center of attention, I really wanted her to focus on giving this week. She came up with little sayings like “you rock” and “you are loved” to stitch into the boxes and filled them with little crafts we had made…I think that’s called: Crafting It Forward. She even opened her wallet to give her own money. Her excitement was contagious.

You’ll be surprised how many people never look down and don’t pay attention to their surroundings. She left boxes all over the place and people just kept walking over them. She finally started giving them to anyone that said a kind word or smiled at her…and a few to people who just happened to stand next to her for more than a few seconds.

As she handed each person a box their typical response was: what’s this for? And she would reply: just a gift…trying to spread some kindness around.

There was a little hummingbird that followed her around for a while. I like to think that maybe it was my dad watching his little granddaughter try to do some good. That’s all I hope for my daughter–that she’ll spread kindness and joy.



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