Refinish Your Wood Floor With Home Depot and PJB Skills

Unfinished Disaster!

Surely, if you haven’t had this hair-pulling, face-palming kind of experience, you’ve seen it on TV; the one where the contractors you hired to do something in your house just completely botch the job or simply skip out altogether. For me, it was when the company I contracted to refinish my hardwood floors got the job half finished in a really terrible way, and when I expressed concern, they just left.

However, the happy ending to the horror gratefully came in the form of one big younger brother (Tyson), and a few trips to our salvation super store Home Depot.

Having Home Depot fairly close was almost a requirement for where we bought our houses and we have utilized it well. You can see in these pictures that my intent was to create a beautiful dark wood floor after sanding down the blonde natural color. But after a spotty staining job, I was left with a large amount of unfinished wood, and a weekend gathering coming.

This is the part of the story where my tragedy can be not only my triumph, but also yours. You, fair friend, do not have to have a mess up to get involved with redoing your own floors. Not only does Home Depot rent out hardwood floor sanders you can use for refinishing (along with the paper needed), but you can also save yourself lots of money on refinishing by hiring outside help (also available through you guessed it Home Depot) just to do the sanding, and you can do the staining/sealing yourself. The stain for my floor taste was actually a mix of two colors of Minwax stain carried over in the paint section in our local store.

Don’t let it sound daunting. I thought it was; yes, I did. Usually I’m a real dive-in kind of DIY guy, but sometimes you need a little encouragement. So Tyson provided the energy, and we selected a beautiful polyurethane. The great thing about the old H.D. is the availability of several types of floor finishing, so you can select what you’d like to use based on dry-time (I needed a quick one), and final sheen. And with the basic application pads, it went on fast and easy. I’m not kidding we were able to throw on a second coat by the time we finished the first. Plus, and I’m not joking around here, applying finish to floors is literally pouring it on and spreading it around with this affordable pad on the end of a long handle it’s as crazy easy as spreading the peanut butter on a PBJ!!

What ISN’T the same as a pbj (unless you have a demanding want-it-now kind of 4 year old like I do), is that you really have to move along steadily at a good pace while spreading the finish. Alas, we didn’t carry cameras through the process, which I’m sad about even though it wasn’t practical, because I wanted some nice in-progress pictures to post. But How about the end results, eh?!

Special side note: Just be careful about where you put your finish, that you don’t seal yourself into a corner. I have noooo experience with knowing exactly what that’s like. None, I tell you!

A huge thank you to The Home Depot for sponsoring this campaign; I kid you not you can do this floor refinishing thing! And for even more discussion on flooring, and how The Home Depot can help you accomplish it, click here.

Disclaimer: Big younger brother Tyson not sold in stores. Sorry about that!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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