Regrets, we’ve had a few

Although Mira and I both agree that our weekend retreat was the best, that we are now best friends forever and ever (it’s possible only I said that but I’m sure she feels the same), and that we will probably dedicate both our novels to the Westin Montreal (right, Mira? Remember when we made that blood pact?), there are a few things that could have made it even more perfect.

1. We probably should have gone someplace less interesting. Let’s face it: When you’re dedicating a weekend to getting work done, you’ll do anything in your power not to work. And when you’re in a city like Montreal? Well! It’s a testament to our dedication that we managed to work at all. Next time: We go to the Westin in, I don’t know, Newark. Is there a Westin in Newark? I aim to find out.

2. We shouldn’t have had our departing flight leave at an ungodly hour. We got greedy and tried to cram in as much time as possible, so our departing flight was scheduled for — well, I believe the official term is “the butt-crack of dawn.” We had to leave for the airport at 3:30 Monday morning, which meant that 1) the night before was kind of shot to hell because we were attempting to sleep and mostly staying awake/fretting; and 2) the next day was shot to hell because we were exhausted. We should have left on Sunday night. And did you know? There’s nothing worse than waking up at 3:00 am.

3. We should have gone on a rainy weekend. Okay, it’s not like we could have known what the weather would be. In fact, the forecast was for rain, but instead we had mid-70s gloriousness, and how could we stay inside and write in weather like that? Every writing weekend needs at least one day of torrential rain so you can stay in and get room service milkshakes. I think Hemingway said that.

4. We should have French-kissed the entire Westin staff. I can’t say enough about the service there. Every tip the concierge gave us was spot-on; any problem we had was fixed before we barely had time to whine. And what did we do in return? We said, “Thanks.” We tipped the housecleaning service and took off with nary a hug. After all they did for us! So yes, kisses should have occurred. Never mind that they didn’t want them! It’s the thought that counts! Or do they French-Canadian-kiss? I really should have asked the concierge.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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