Reluctant Crafting: Making a “Frozen” Ice Crown on a Snow Day

torigluegunWhen I gave birth to my daughter, I was determined to keep her life free of fluffy ‘girl’ things, and at the very top of my list was all things Disney Princess.

I held firmly to this belief until someone on my blog asked me if I’d allow a boy to be interested in Disney Princesses, and of course, being the progressive liberal I am I said yes — of COURSE I would let a boy watch, dress like, and love Disney Princesses.

I then promptly drowned in my own hypocrisy.

So allow Disney I did, although I had no idea that there would be THIS much Disney in my life. After all, I’m writing here for Babble (hello, Disney Interactive!), and my daughter has nothing but mad love for the Princesses.

She’s awfully lucky, too: the Princesses in her lifetime have been funny, clever, inventive, and brave. Think Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida (my personal favorite), and now of course Elsa and Anna from Frozen. These princesses are entrepreneurs, iron skillet wielding truth seekers, accomplished archers, and the wielders of magical powers (and finally, a Queen!).

In other words, they are pretty wicked cool.

My daughter is madly in love with Elsa. She plays Frozen with one of her best friends, she builds Frozen worlds in Minecraft, and she sings Let It Go constantly (once accompanied by throwing fistfulls of bean bag stuffing — THAT was a fun day). Okay, fine, I sing Let It Go constantly too.

My daughter asked me to help her make an ice crown that she saw in a YouTube tutorial (video is posted below) to better pretend to be Elsa. Luckily we bought the supplies before the 937th snow day of the year, and this morning we sat down to make it. No, this isn’t a tutorial. No one wants me to try to do that. But here’s what we used: a cheap headband, some quartz crystals (they were strung on a wire in the bead section at Michaels), and a handful of sparkly ‘flowers’ made of faux gems we found in the wedding section, some hot glue, and some white sparkly glitter.icecrown

I’m not a crafter by nature, but because my daughter loves it I try. A friend of mine convinced me to buy a glue gun not too long ago, and I have to say it’s made all the difference in making things with my daughter. Except for the burns. On me, not my kid. I only let her use it under hard core supervision, but no one is supervising me, and I’m the kind of person that rushes things so I get burned every time.

But we did it, and it was glorious. And amateurish and silly and it doesn’t look a damn thing like the tutorial’s version, but still. Glorious. See?

Best of all, the hour I spent with my daughter making the crown — an item surely to be discarded to the depths of her room in under a week  — was magical. I loved working through the ‘design’ with her, and letting her drive the ideas with only a few suggestions from me (mostly about practical things like gravity).

We had such a nice time.

I’m up to my neck in work these days, and it’s so easy for me to get frustrated about the weather and the snow and how having my kid home with me makes doing my work challenging. I’ll confess that complaining can be my automatic default, but it’s something I’m working on. I’m inspired by friends that remind me that what I put out in the world is what comes back to me, and all too often what I put out is negative.

So on this 937th snow day, I’m pausing for a moment to say: it’s good to be a mom to an inspiring and creative child. I’m so lucky to have her. She is my blessing in life. I’d show you a picture of her dancing around in the crown, but she’s at that age where she is done with staged photos for blog posts. Just trust me when I tell you she looks lovely.

Here’s the real tutorial from the lovely Tiffyquake (she’s also a gamer, and makes many of my daughter’s favorite Minecraft videos). Note: I couldn’t manage to make the fronds with the glue she makes. Well, I tried, but we could never peel them off any of the six different surfaces we tried. But they looked cool. Enjoy.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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