Right or Left Brain LEGO Builders?

I’ve learned there are two types of LEGO children in this world: those who build whatever the heck they can dream up, and those who follow the instructions, guides, and models down to every. last. detail. Cody and I are the former, Addie is totally the latter. The child will build, take apart and rebuild the same house seven dozen times without even wavering in the design. I once added an extra window and I thought her brain was going to leak out of her skull.

While Cody and I have always been a big fan of the “free for all” LEGO bucket, Addie nerds out over the intensely elaborate and detailed LEGO building sets. We’re still not sure where that little quirk came from.

Truth is Cody and I never really understood why people would buy the kits for specific castles, battleships or dragons. Why not just get the giant bucket with 1,000 pieces and make up whatever you wanted? Turns out Addie and children just like her are the reason those detailed sets are so popular. Her free for all bucket goes largely untouched but the several project specific LEGO kits she has are the ones that receive the most play time.

Say what you want about LEGO Friends being a little too gender specific, Addie will just as happily make Emma’s Horse Trailer as she would make Hogwart’s castle. Knowing Addie the horse trailer will probable go into battle against some sort of ogre attack on the castle. While we strive for a variety of LEGO sets, I can’t deny that the LEGO Friends kits are super cute. They’re not a whole lot different from the other pink-ish playsets she has played with for years that involve little animals, mermaids and ponies. These ones simply require an extra step before she can play with them, and she lives for that step.

My only complaint about the LEGO’s existence? Stepping on them with bare feet at 2 am.

Other than that? I’m thrilled my kid loves them (and wondering if Vivi is going to be more “free for all” when it comes to her LEGO building.)

What kind of LEGO builders are your kids?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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