Rocky Monster High

Come, gather ’round. Let us discuss Monster High dolls. I tried to fight them for a long time but my kid is oddly drawn to them. I wrestled with the fact that they are teenagers, they barely wear any clothes, and they wear enough makeup even a drag queen would be ashamed. But here’s the thing, Addie LOVES Tim Burton, and these dolls to me are way more Tim Burton than they are typical high school student. Their parents are all various monsters and villains which proves that A) monsters have families, too and B) they have made monsters a whole lot less scary to Addie. Heck, they’ve made everything a whole lot less scary to Addie.

Do I let her dress up as them for Halloween or watch the show? Not really. But the dolls? Meh. There’s bigger battles to fight. In fact, if they had been around when I was a kid? I would have totally wanted them too.

Her favorite is Clawdeen, daughter of a werewolf (which, by the way, is her favorite animal) she also has Purrsephone and Meowlody, Clawdeen’s little twin sisters. She’s asked for Venus McFlytrap for Christmas (daughter of a Venus Fly Trap? I think? I suppose?) and she’s also asked for Clawdeen’s little red riding hood doll, which surprise! Is one of Target’s top toys this year. (The whole ‘Scarily Ever After’ collection is.) Last year she asked for a specific Monster High doll and thinking “Pfft, they can’t be THAT popular,” I brushed off getting one until it was too late. They were nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find last year. Then there were rumors of them being discontinued, then all of a sudden they’re wildly popular again. It instilled a sort of hoarder tendency in me, as in, when I see one in a store I feel the need to buy it because I may never see it again. (Which is why there have been two Monster High dolls hidden in the basement of Cody’s office since early summer.) They also have a sort of cult following by some adults, becoming a bit of a collector’s item in some circles. Other features about them that I like more than those blonde-haired dolls? Their hair is much easier to care for and their shoes don’t fall off as easily (at least not the ones we have.)

Thankfully their popularity has been recognized and while it can be difficult to find really specific ones, you can always find at least some. And you know which one we found at Target without a problem? Clawdeen’s Little Red Riding Hood doll. Christmas list request? CHECK.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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