How I Found My Rug and Made My Toes 5o Shades of Gray Happy

red desk on gray shag rug
Now I have no excuses. Time to get to work.

Writers can be very moody and persnickety. We can hold more superstitions than a baseball player, deploy more procrastination techniques than a 5th grader with math homework, and require more perfect conditions than koalas expected to mate in captivity.

Everything has to be just right to write.

So when redoing my workspace I wanted an area rug for my desk that would make the wood floors cozy now that winter is on the way and would inspire action and creativity. I needed to shop. Fortunately there are thousands of choices at Home Depot alone, so that meant hours of glorious procrastination from writing. Pinterest ahoy!

I almost went with a cool looking classic Persian pattern, but then at my local store I ran my fingers through a long shag. There’s a reason these were popular during the creative 1970s and have boomeranged back for a comeback. Shag is sexy and inviting. Shag lets your toes dig in as though you are in a summer’s meadow, without the troublesome inconvience of nature. Why go outside when you can have a 70s-Bond-approved (my rug is called Shag Tuxedo!) salt-and-pepper silvery shag carpet at your feet?  

I love it. The fact that I can’t stop saying Shagadelic! and the incredibly inexpensive pricetag are bonuses. I wanted something that will show well if I put my house on the sale or rental market and either roll up and travel easily or be easy to pass on or resell, and my grey neutral fits the bill perfectly. But it’s not boring-neutral. It’s fun and sharp with some give, like an inky imprint from a letterpress.

Golden Retriever on shag rug
Let's hope nothing happens here requiring Dog Shaming.

River approves. Which is important, because I write best if he’s napping near my feet. So I better go give him a walk first. Then after that, writing comes first, absolutely! Though I did see some window treatments in the store I’d love to check out.

***A big thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this campaign. My first post about my office transition is here, and here is the second.  Click here to see more of the discussion about flooring from others! 

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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