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A lot of times when you ask an artist their favorite city to play, their answer would depend on the venue. Sometimes the venue is the only place we see when we’re in a city. Now, this doesn’t apply to all artists. Some artists will take motorcyles on the road, hauling them in trailers behind the bus. I don’t own a motorcycle so if I’m going to get out and see the town I’m playing in, its going to be done by foot.

I started running about 10 years ago. I ran through both of my pregnancies, but have slacked off after the birth of my second son.  Recently I’ve begun running again. Yesterday, on the road, we covered 10 miles. Six in the morning and another four in the afternoon. We woke up in one state. Ran. Then drove three hours to another. I wanted to get out and see the area so I decided to take another run. Sometimes my runs will take me on the country roads and sometimes they will take me through cities. One of my favorite runs to do is Central Park in New York City. It sounds crazy to people, but its not so scary. It’s a place far removed from the crowded sidewalks and taxi-filled streets. It moves along at a nice, comfortable pace. You can actually experience peace and quiet there. You feel secluded while you’re there and you have no idea you’re in the middle of one of America’s largest cities.

I’ve taken runs that bring me down county roads and county highways. Some of my running routes have taken me where there’s barely any shoulder on the road and you can’t see anything but pavement for miles. I’ve run through neighborhoods and small towns. Seen places that look like they were pulled right out of a storybook. I’ve run by the ocean with views you would think are only in your imagination. I have seen a lot of this country while running. The hard-working people, in factories, up at the crack of dawn. The train tracks that run forever, hauling “American Made” from coast to coast. It’s just me on my runs. Me and the road beneath my feet. No political campaign. No news to fuel anger or fear. It’s just what’s real. The here and now. I’ve watched hard working farms and took note of the picturesque homes proudly toting the American flag from the front porch. Kids on bikes, parents washing cars. This is such a beautiful country we live in. And I get to see it while running America.

  • Proud of America 1 of 24
    Proud of America
  • Town Centre 2 of 24
    Town Centre
  • Neighborhood Street 3 of 24
    Neighborhood Street
    Ft Thomas, KY
  • Grain Factory 4 of 24
    Grain Factory
  • FULL SERVICE gas station 5 of 24
    FULL SERVICE gas station
  • Side walk – safe 6 of 24
    Side walk - safe
  • St Jude Run 7 of 24
    St Jude Run
  • Peaceful Street 8 of 24
    Peaceful Street
  • County HWY Nothing but Road 9 of 24
    County HWY Nothing but Road
  • Up at the Crack of dawn 10 of 24
    Up at the Crack of dawn
  • Running through woods 11 of 24
    Running through woods
  • Northeast Parade 12 of 24
    Northeast Parade
  • Main Street 13 of 24
    Main Street
  • Nothing but Dirt -Country Rd 14 of 24
    Nothing but Dirt -Country Rd
  • Small Town America 15 of 24
    Small Town America
  • Fall in the Big Sky 16 of 24
    Fall in the Big Sky
  • Baltimore Orioles Stadium 17 of 24
    Baltimore Orioles Stadium
    Baltimore, MD
  • City Run = Stop every block 18 of 24
    City Run = Stop every block
    Los Angeles, CA. Check out the gas price
  • Hauling American Made 19 of 24
    Hauling American Made
  • Washington State 20 of 24
    Washington State
    Tillamook, Oregon
  • Midwest, Tornado Warnings 21 of 24
    Midwest,  Tornado Warnings
  • Town Centre 22 of 24
    Town Centre
  • Pacific West Coast 23 of 24
    Pacific West Coast
    Tacoma, Washington
  • Peaceful, Beauty. Gods heart smiling 24 of 24
    Peaceful, Beauty. Gods heart smiling


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