S#%$ Kids Say While Playing Disney Infinity

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I’m not the biggest fan of video games, but there’s a lot to like about Disney Infinity. For one thing, it’s a big improvement on open-world/development games like Minecraft. But it’s also something my kids are enjoying that doesn’t involve them learning to shoot people, competing against each other in unhealthy or hurtful ways, or turning off their brains. So far, I’m a fan. (That is…until they start begging for new characters or power discs. I know it’s coming.)

Here are some comments the kids have made while playing…

  • 5 Things My Kids Have Said While Playing Disney Infinity 1 of 6

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  • “You can throw people and they don’t die!” 2 of 6

    Cracking. Me. Up. But it's true. Mr. Incredible can pick up a little cute guy from the street, hurl him into, say, the ocean...and watch him slowly parachute to safety. That's encouraging, because otherwise my boys would be launching little cute people everywhere. It would be a total bloodbath.

  • "You get to create other worlds! How’s THAT not fun?" 3 of 6

    World-development is great for their creativity and logic. My generation had LEGOs and Lincoln Logs and prefab Barbie Dream Houses. My kids get to design and build their own castles and race tracks and landscapes. I approve.

  • "I wish the ‘Up’ house would actually float up." 4 of 6

    You can actually add Carl Fredericksen's house—the one tied to the balloons in Pixar's Up—to your landscape in the Disney Infinity Toy Box. Awesome. But unfortunately it doesn't move.

  • “I guess I’ll put a chicken coop there.” 5 of 6

    I don't know why a chicken coop is something you can add to your landscapes, but it's an option in Disney Infinity. Wish it were that easy in real life.

  • "It’s OK if you fall off the cliff. It won’t kill you." 6 of 6

    Always good for my girls to hear. Nothing breaks their hearts like premature video game death.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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