Capturing Great Video: Remember That the Little Things *Are* the Big Things

This is E at age 3. I remember taking this photo in our kitchen and wondering where the time had gone since we’d brought him home from the hospital. Today, as I write this, he’s about to turn 15 in just a few days (!!!)

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When I read the (excellent) book, “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin a while back, one thing that Gretchen had to say about family life really stuck with me, and it was this: the days are long but the years are short.

Because I have older children — my eldest daughter is about to graduate high school (!!!) — as well as quite little ones still, I have learned all too well that what Gretchen says is true: kids really do grow up in the blink of an eye. While the days spent meeting the unrelenting needs of babies, toddlers and preschoolers can seem interminable sometimes, when you look in the rearview mirror  not so long from now, those days in aggregate will have slipped into your past so quickly that you won’t be able to believe it.

While today’s one hundredth request for a peanut butter sandwich cut up just so, and served on her favorite Disney Princess plate, or on his beloved Thomas the Tank Engine placemat may make you feel like gouging your eyeballs out with a grapefruit spoon, one day in the future, you will likely wish that you could hit rewind and see your three-year-old sitting there at the kitchen table, happily noshing on the sandwich you prepared, and pattering on about everything and nothing.

Those small, seemingly meaningless-at-the-time moments are the ones that fill up our busy days as parents of young children, yet they are the ones we are least likely to make efforts to capture on video for posterity. Instead, we tend to shoot video of things that seem “bigger” – Christmas morning, first steps, first recitals, first soccer game, school plays, etc, etc. Those iconic moments are, of course, wonderful and important in their own way, and it’s great to get them on video as they happen in our children’s lives. For example, I’m pretty psyched that I got this little video recently that second free throw on video.

Yep, those single important moments are great to capture and save, but looking back, what I really, really wish I had more of when it comes to video of my three oldest children’s early years is footage of all the mundane moments  – more of the day to day, routine happenings and interactions around our household that seemed insignificant at the time. Not only do I wish I had more of these kind of “small” video moments captured for my own reminiscing , I think that the kids, and their kids would really enjoy having more video like this as well.

Since realizing that I wish I had shot more video like this when my three oldest were younger, I have tried to do a better job of not waiting to turn on the video camera until something momentous is happening . I have instead tried to cultivate the habit of just shooting more digital video in general – at home, around the house, when nothing in particular is going on. I am doing far more of this with all of the kids now — from littlest to biggest — and out of this large body of  seemingly inconsequential digital video, I am able to pull out wee nuggets of wonderful. These very, very small moments are not memorable in the classic sense; had I not captured them on video, they would have passed without notice. But I am so very glad that I am now capturing more of them with all of my children, every day.

Here’s a conversation a few weeks ago between 5-year-old cousins C and NC. The girls were sitting out on our porch swing on an unseasonable warm day. They were trying to decide which mammal C should select as the subject of a poster she had been assigned by her kindergarten teacher. “Big” moment? Nope. Not by any definition. But I love watching the girls chatter with each other, and I also know that they will love having little videos like this of the two of them when they are grown ups.


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