Samsung Knows I’m a Dummy!

I got a new camera and it’s almost like Samsung knew I was a dummy.

Okay so here’s the thing: I like to take pictures. I’m not a great photographer but that’s because I’m more verbal than visual. I leave the visual arts to quiet, more introspective people like my husband. My husband Jon has a lot of bad-ass photography equipment (some of which I bought him! For his birthday! Because I’m an awesome wife!) which I’m not good at using because it involves changing lenses and aperture and other things I don’t understand all that well because I’m tech challenged and I have a short attention span.

But like I said, I do like to take pictures, so when I got an iPhone I was excited because of how easy it is to take a picture and put that sucker right up on Facebook or Tweet it or download it to my computer and then upload it to my blog. To be honest though, I was wishing that I could have better quality pictures and even considered getting a point and shoot but didn’t since I figured the iPhone was good enough for my purposes. Am I the only person like this? Honestly I see people hoofing around with pounds and pounds of photography stuff in various bags and I think, “Are those pictures going to be thirty times better than mine? Can anyone tell? Is it worth it to carry around something heavier than a baby to get good photos?” But I am excited to say that I found a way to split the difference! It’s this guy. It does what a smart phone does (upload to blogs, FB etc.) but it also is a much higher quality camera.Here’s the back of the camera. Do you see how it’s like a smart phone? That’s good for an idiot like me. Okay, I’m not an idiot but my husband often points out to me that I’m afraid of technology. I don’t like to learn new things. Are you like me? Then you will probably like this camera because it’s very straightforward but it takes gorgeous pictures because it has 16 megapixels as opposed to 5 in the iPhone. That’s a much better picture. I mean do the math! 16 is like, almost 11 more than 5. Almost. Okay exactly. Jeez, get off my case. This isn’t a homework assignment I’m trying to tell you about a cool camera. Why crap all over my math skills?


“A big thanks to Samsung for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.”

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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