Sandy Hook Tragedy (VIDEO)

Sometimes when things are too hard to comprehend, a songwriter turns to music to help herself make sense of it. I always say that writing is a sort of therapy. When it’s time for celebration, there’s music to be heard. In times of struggle, there’s a song that gives you strength. In sorrow or when grief-stricken, writing your feelings on a piece of paper can help you sort through the confusion.

This past Friday was one of those times. There’s no reason “why” that would be good enough to justify why 20 families lost their babies and 6 other families lost family members.  I saw an interview with a man named Robbie Parker. He  lost his 6-year-old daughter Emilie. During the press conference he said his daughter was his “best friend.”

Not long ago, my 19-year-old cousin who lives with us had a devastating loss in his life. To cope he wrote a song called “My Best Friend.” As he was upstairs in the studio recording it, I eavesdropped on his recording process. We both thought the song was perfect in capturing the emotions that must be filling the community of Newtown, Connecticut  So, I took his song and made a video out of it featuring the people affected by this tragedy.

We want to let the folks up in Newtown know that our hearts break with theirs. Thery are not alone in the tears they cry and the earthstopping grief they are going through. I have no words really. Nothing that will “make it better.” Just a gesture from my cousin Alex Preston and myself.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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