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Santa!This post is part two in another four-part series sponsored by Dell. You can read my other posts, and posts from other Babble writers, at the Dell Family Tech page.

We’ve all seen the pictures – a tired-looking Santa with a lapful of screaming kids. We laugh and we think, “better you than me, Santa!” Some people will even tell you these are their favorite pictures. And while I chuckle at the screaming pictures when they are someone else’s child, I do not want the screamer to be my kid. So this year I’m doing everything I can to make sure my daughter isn’t scared of Santa Claus.

Annie will be two years old next month…so we are right in the stage where the only thing predictable about her is that she’ll have at least one frustration-related meltdown a day. I really have no idea if she’ll be scared of Santa this year – last year she did fine with him, but back in April she didn’t want to go anywhere NEAR the Easter Bunny.

Every day we walk around our house and I point out my Christmas decorations.

“Who’s that?” I’ll ask, pointing.
“Annie, who is NEXT to the snowman?”
“And what does Santa say?”
“Tanta says oh oh oh!”

So close.

Friends have started posting pictures on facebook of their kids in Santa’s lap, so I always point those out to Annie. I also am sure to say how nice Santa is, and how happy everyone in the picture looks.

She…doesn’t look convinced.

We’ve watched Santa videos on YouTube, played Santa games online, and even perused Santa’s wikipedia page. I feel like she’s prepared. I want that perfect picture, damn it!

The big day is this week. I have her cute little outfit picked out, from the hair bows to the dress to the red tights and shiny black shoes. I just want her to sit on Santa’s lap long enough for a good picture. She doesn’t even have to smile! Is that too much to ask?

I think it might be.

Does anyone else prep their kids for Santa, or am I (as my husband so lovingly puts it), mildly insane?

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