Sarah Against Censorship

I admit it. My children listen to inappropriate music.

And I don’t just mean on Death Metal Wednesday.

My own personal taste in music is pretty salty sometimes. I tend to like musical extremes. Okay, maybe just the one extreme, loud and aggressive, but that totally applies to Verdi and Wagner as well as Public Enemy and Sepultura. And it isn’t all me! Their teachers play them that Kidz Bop nonsense and my children come home and request Tik Tok and I will be damned if I am going to pay for a censored version of anything.

It is bad enough supporting an artist with a dollar sign in her name, but if I am going to give the internet $.99 for a song that I don’t want to listen to I want to make sure that I get what the artist *rolls eyes like crazy* intended.

So yes, my kids have Ke$ha and Lil Wayne and The Stooges on their iPods right along with a little ditty titled “God Hates a Coward”. I choose to call it culture. They are going to hear those words on the bus anyway. The bus is where I learned what the middle finger meant when I was in first grade. That was back when I still thought fourth grade girls were awesome.

You can judge me for letting my kids listen to that stuff, but you should probably be judging me more for giving my seven year olds iPod.

Calm down, we won them at a work party. Do I look like I am made of money? I do? This old thing? Why thank you! Aren’t you sweet?

I let them watch “The Simpsons” and Futurama too, which is probably why back when my son was five he told my father-in-law to bite his shiny metal ass, but I digress, I am really just anti-censorship in general. I don’t let them watch horror movies, but that is mostly just because I want them to sleep in their own damn beds.

I have no beef with music made for children – if it is good. Why should someone be punished with crappy edited covers of droll pop songs just because they haven’t been alive for very long? LET THEM EAT CAKE!

What do your kids listen to?



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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