Say Good-Bye to Holiday Cards. Send a Family Video Instead!

Holiday video greetings are easyAt last, holiday greetings made easy for the procrastinators among us. Yes, that includes me. I might have been organized for my holiday shopping, but I dropped the ball regarding holiday greeting cards. This year I simply didn’t make the time to get our family greeting cards printed in time.

However, technology came to my rescue. No cards, no problem! That’s why we have video. Best of all, now that I have the Samsung Galaxy camera with WiFi, I don’t even need to edit or upload to my computer. I can share directly via email, to other Samsung phones, post to Facebook, or even upload to YouTube.

The biggest challenge is simply getting my kids to stay still for a few seconds so I can record the high definition video and have them send holiday wishes to our loved ones. In my case, in Spanish, since we want to send Hanukkah greetings to my family in Chile. The best part is that grandparents, uncles and cousins will actually get to see and hear my children. When you live far away, it’s a great way to stay connected.

I want to send as many personalized greetings as possible, but just in case my children get tired of me and decide to act camera shy, I recorded a generic holiday greeting that I can easily email or post on YouTube using a private setting.

If you are planning to email the holiday video greeting, though, remember that high definition files can be quite heavy. To avoid any issues, check your camera settings and keep the video brief, so that way you can send via email.

The 5 advantages of sending a video greeting

It’s easy. Just records, save, and share.

You can customize each greeting. Simply say the recipient’s name as if you were having a conversation.

Recipients not only receive a greeting, they can actually see and hear those sending it!

Inexpensive. You don’t have to spend a dime aside from your camera.

It’s eco-friendly. No trees were destroyed in the process of sending my family’s greetings this year!


A big thanks to Samsung for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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