Saying No to Salt Water Sandals – 14 Old School Alternatives

I know so many moms and kids alike wear Salt Water Sandals all summer long.  They ARE adorable shoes.  And even more adorable are the Salt Water tan lines everyone gets from long days at the park.  But do I dare say – past the age of 11, those sandals have just never been for me.  I guess I just would feel silly wearing them as in my mind, they are only cutesy, super duper adorable little girl (& boy) shoes.  Does anyone else agree?  I know everyone loves them and I am likely the odd one out on this one!!  🙂  And I invite you to put me in my place in the comments.  🙂

But, I still LOVE the idea of old school sandals for their classic appeal.  Here’s a few that I’ve been seeing around Brooklyn.  I’d love any one of these for spring/summer:

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    Oh, the dresses I could wear with these sandals. Buy here at A.P.C. (a shop I drool over.) $385. (Shippping is free.)
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    I spotted this old school style on a super hip girl in Brooklyn. Skirt? Sandals? It looked SO cute. She had me sold. Buy here from Bass $44. (Shippping is free.)
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    I love them in white. (Buy at Bass.) $44. (Shippping is free.)
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    I also like this cinnamon color. (Buy at Bass.) $44. (Shippping is free.)
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    I've seen these Worishofers on a few of my stylish friends. $60. (Shippping is free.)
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    These look super cute on. They're a nice take on the hirachi sandal, which I still love. (Available at Bass) $69. (Shippping is free.)
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    Also, I love them in white...
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    Another favorite: Granny Apple $68.95 (Shippping is free.)
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    LOVE these: Citrus $68.95 (Shippping is free.)
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    Also: Rosegold $69.00 (Shippping is free.)
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    I so want these Dr. Scholl's "Exercise Sandals" in Cherry Red. They'd be perfect for quick jaunts to the market. But, they're vintage. Dr. Scholl's has a few other updated versions (see Dr. Scholl's). Check e-bay for the original red ones.
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    But! Good news! You can get the Dr. Scholl's in white. I love these, too. $39.99. (Shippping is free.)
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    And yes, I think these handmade sandals from Costa Rica have huge potential. I remember wearing them in junior high, but I think they could still be so great with any summer dress. Buy here at Live Wordly. Also, there are other ribbons to choose from. $44.
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    And lastly, these classic Greek sandals will never go out of style. Find them EVERYWHERE in Greece, or buy them here from Etsy. $20 euro.


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