Scary For All The Wrong Reasons: 10 DIY Halloween Costume Fails

As I type this, my husband is out in our garage with a bunch of yellow and red fabric, some scissors, and a glue gun.

I’ve never seen my husband with any of the aforementioned items before. Hell, I didn’t even know that he knew what a glue gun was. And yet, when I wandered into the garage a couple days ago, I found him hard at work measuring and cutting fabric.

“It’s for Dumbo’s collar,” he told me.

It took me a minute to catch on. Back in September our daughter, 4,  informed us she would like to be an elephant for Halloween, so we began our search for the greatest elephant costume ever … and ended up ordering one off the Internet.

At some point after the adorable gray elephant suit arrived, Violet specified that she wasn’t going to be just any old elephant,  she was going to be Dumbo. We’ve seen the beloved Disney movie a trillion times and are well acquainted with the ruffled red and yellow collar the big-eared pachyderm sports for much of the movie.

I told Serge that our daughter would never miss the collar. Apparently he didn’t agree, because I later found him attempting to whip up some kind of collar out of the supplies he scored from Walmart. And while I find his DIY attempts adorable, I smell trouble. That kind of rage that only futile attempts at making your own Halloween costume can conjure.  Namely, it will never live up the vision you have in your head. In fact, fall very short of that vision. So short that it’s almost not even worth the effort.

Yet every year, millions of us attempt to create our own Halloween costumes to varying degrees of success. Some are amazing, some are good, others are just okay and the rest? Well, you can see those for yourself in the photos below. Here’s hoping our DIY Dumbo collar falls in the ‘okay’ category.

  • Scary for All the Wrong Reasons 1 of 12

    Sometimes, homemade Halloween costumes just don't make the grade ...

  • Princess Leia 2 of 12

    Points for the cinnamon rolls but otherwise... not so much.

    Image source: funnycoolhalloween.blogspot.com


  • Bert and Ernie 3 of 12

    Never has Sesame Street Been so terrifying.

    Image source: smosh.com

  • Silver Surfer? 4 of 12

    Or baked potato?

    Image source: smosh.com


  • YouTube Video 5 of 12

    See the first comment: "That vid made me LOL in my pants." Okay, kind of clever but who wants to read a Halloween costume?

    Image source: smosh.com

  • Chewbacca 6 of 12

    I'm just going to go ahead and say that any costume that incorporates your body hair is a fail.

    Image source: smosh.com

  • Darth Vader 7 of 12

    Or silly janitor with a bucket and broom.

    Image source: cospobre.com


  • He-Man 8 of 12

    The guy on the left is most definitely not the 'master of the universe.'

    Image source: cospobre.com


  • Pizza…With Pepperoni? 9 of 12

    I don't really know what's going on here and I don't really want to know. But please, hold the pepperoni and sausage, I'm a vegetarian.

    Image source: smosh.com

  • Pinterest Board 10 of 12

    Maybe you'll like this, but it just makes me feel like I'm at school or work. I'd chose your standard creepy witch over Pinterest every time.

    Image source: linkedmediagroup.com


  • Thor 11 of 12

    Is he wearing a plastic bag on his head? Is that a garbage bag shirt?

    Image source: cospobre.com


  • Gingerbread Man 12 of 12

    Clever. And boring. But still, clever.

    Image source: smosh.com

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