Shopping with the Goon Squad

The problem with these kids is that they just keep growing.

Maybe we don't brush her hair on purpose.

My daughter’s legs are so long that I’m thinking when she grows up she will either be a super model or a racehorse.

I suppose that at seven years old this continual growth is still a good thing, but it seems like I am constantly buying clothes. To make things even more complicated now there are seasons. Oh, I hear you laughing at me. There were always seasons you say. But not for me! I grew up in Florida. There are only two seasons in Florida. March through October is crazy hot and  November through February  is slightly less hot. Here in D.C. we have four whole seasons each requiring its own set wardrobe.

So I took my kids shopping.

Fortunately for me, Old Navy was having a huge sale.

I bought the girl three t-shirts, a long sleeved shirt, a pair of skinny jeans and a hoodie. I bought the boy two paris of jeans, two pairs of cargo pants, three long sleeved t-shirts, and an Old Navy hoodie for under $199. They gave me 30% off for buying kids clothes and another 10% just for using my Old Navy card.

I have no idea why I didn’t buy anything for myself.

Oh right. The children were with me.

My daughter loves to shop, the boy, not so much. If I have learned nothing else from having boy/girl twins is that I was dead wrong when I was on the nurture side of the nature vs. nurture debate. My children are like walking male/female stereotypes. Even when they were one year old and I have them each a baby doll my daughter hugged her baby and sang to it and my son threw his baby down the stairs and tried to feed it. She likes pink and sparkly things. He likes hitting things with other things. She likes pedicures and he likes video games.

To be fair, they both like video games, but he likes the ones where you shoot things and she likes the games where you put dresses on cats.

Hindbrain stuff, I tell you these gender roles.

Nevertheless, we made it through the shopping trip and unscathed in less than an hour, and even though they begged, I didn’t but them these.

Because while I am not above the impulse buy I am definitely anti-recorder.


I offered to buy them a drum kit instead. It would be quieter.

This shopping trip was just in time too, because this weekend is supposed to get cold. So while I am not mentally ready for cold weather at least my children will have the appropriate clothing this year.


We didn't brush her hair this morning either. If nothing else, we are consistent.

* * *

This post is brought to you by Old Navy. Check out the Kids & Baby Sale in store with great deals starting at $5.

I was compensated by Old Navy to write this post, but all words and opinions are my own.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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