Score Big. Throw The Easiest March Madness Party Ever.

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I love to host events. But I super hate to cook for events…way too much pressure and stress and mess for me. So I’ve spent years mastering the art of kitchen-hacking the easiest offerings possible for a delightful gathering. Here’s my easy to-dos to do a quick, easy, no-bake basketball party.

  • The Easiest March Madness Party Ever 1 of 7
    The Easiest March Madness Party Ever
    It involves zero cooking and very little skill...
  • Shoot It! 2 of 7
    Shoot It!
    Start with easy veggie shooters. Hummus in a shot glass with pre-cut vegetables dunked in.. Tomatoes filled with ready-made spinach dip. And jalapeno poppers. Here's one of my favorite recipes for that.:
  • Dribble It! 3 of 7
    Dribble It!
    What's basketball without a sports drink?
  • Dunk it! 4 of 7
    Dunk it!
    One of my favorite appetizers: individual portable guac bowls for chip dipping. Just cut an avocado, take out the pit, fill it with sour cream (or a sour cream cilantro mix that I like to do) tomatoes and whatever else you like. Dunk chips into it.
  • Pass it! 5 of 7
    Pass it!
    Pass the popcorn and the cookies. Wait, cookies take baking. Oh no they don't....
  • (I Learned This Trick in College) 6 of 7
    (I Learned This Trick in College)
    Instead of baking cookies, buy shortbread or sugar cookies and then ice them. They're easy and cute and good.
  • We Want a Basket! 7 of 7
    We Want a Basket!
    Add an easy build-your-own hot dog bar (the microwave is your friend) and serve it all up! Instant party.

Here’s your shopping list for this. 25 items, max. (I got every bit of it at Target.)

Basketball Oranges: Cuties and a Sharpie

Beverages: Gatorade

Vegetable Appetizers: Grape or cherry tomatoes,  spinach dip, carrots, celery, snap peas, hummus, jalapenos (I actually got these from my yard but they had them at Target), cream cheese, cheddar cheese,  Worcestershire sauce, bacon.

Chips and Dips: Chips, avocados, sour cream, cilantro (use tomatoes from above), salsa

Hot Dogs: Hot dogs, hot dog buns, mustard, whatever else you like to put on a hot dog

Dessert: A package of shortbread cookies, ready made icing, microwave popcorn

I hope it’s a slam dunk.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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