Scrapbook Your Summer, Even If You Are Freaked Out By Scrapbooking.

“I’m Laura, and scrapbooking completely weirds me out.”

There. I said it.

I’m totally intimidated by scrapbooking…all the craft punches, stencils, heat embossing tools and craftiness required. It’s a whole giant industry revolving around tiny eyelet setters, and honestly, the entire hot-glue-based nonsense gives me a double-mount, archival-quality case of anxiety.

This is why I started blogging to begin with, back in 2005 right after my son was born. The moment I wandered, bleary eyed and sleep deprived, down that big box potpourri-smelling aisle, I knew there had to be a better way (seriously, there had to be). I started a special email account and sent out writings to document and remember and photos and photos and photos. My sister (who is a decade younger than myself) kindly told me (not really all that kindly) that I needed to cut it out. I was clogging up her email box and she was over it. Her solution, start a blog.

She was right.

The ability to digitally record the first five years of my son’s life was invaluable…it helped me notice and process it all as it was happening…and it’s helped me document and remember a thousand things I would have completely forgotten.

There really weren’t digital scrapbooking options back then, not good ones. There wasn’t Facebook either (unless you were a student at Harvard), so a blog was the only real option over email. Of course now that we have Facebook, and people fill their Facebook pages with millions of kid photos. And I would now like to channel my inner younger sister kindly say … y’all, cut that crap out. Stop overloading my Facebook feed with 20 photos of your child at Camp Whatever. Either 1. Start a Blog or 2. Start a Digital Scrapbook. If you are madly in love with Facebook, fine, there are some great scrapbooking apps on Facebook that you can you use. You won’t be disappointed. You can properly (and creatively) archive and share your favorite moments. And your friends won’t unfriend you.

A big thanks to Wendy’s for sponsoring this campaign. You can use its new scrapbooking app to create a digital scrapbook you can post to Facebook in a few simple steps. So smart. Click here to see more of the discussion.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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