Second Grade

Yesterday my kids both started second grade.

The weird thing about having twins and only twins is that I only experience those parental milestones once. Even though I have two children I will only give birth once. There was one first day of kindergarten. I imagine they will leave for college around the same time. They will probably get their drivers licenses on the same day.

I just scared the crap out of myself typing that last sentence. Let’s not talk about that again for at least eight more years.

Hopefully my children will not choose to get married on the same day, but you never know. That twin bond is strange.

But all of my children started second grade yesterday.

Yesterday I got a message on Facebook asking about good restaurants in Cleveland (no, I don’t live in Cleveland and we can talk about my foodie weirdness some other time) from, you  guessed it, Alison, my best friend from elementary school. We became inseparable in second grade. My kids could be making friends right now that they will still hang out with in 30 years. That blows my mind.

I got my first crush on a boy in second grade. Not like my Erik Estrada or Bo Duke crush either. This was a real live guy in my class.

My daughter could like a boy in that way any second.

I’m not as worried about the boy. I don’t think he likes girls yet. Second grade boys are still pretty clueless about girls. Second grade boys are still pretty clueless about everything. He still argues points by saying that Bart was allowed to it on “The Simpsons”, hits trees with sticks for fun and sleeps with a stuffed owl. I mean, I guess I am worried about him, just not in the same way.

Second grade was a great year for me. I adored my teacher, Mrs. Plank, and it was before I was faced with the horrors of  cursive writing and long division. Even though Mrs. Plank went and had a baby and left us with a mean substitute for months I still have very fond memories of that year.

I’m not really ready for my daughter to have her heart broken by some eight year old, but I suppose if she can get a friend like Alison out of the deal it will all be worth it.



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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