See, this is what happens when Jon leaves

Come home soon honey! I miss you!

I told y’all that things would not go well for me with Jon out of town for an entire week. I knew there would be problems. It turns out that I am definitely Jon-dependent, at this point.

Here’s what I mean…

1 – I had lost my debit card before Jon left, and the new one had not come yet, so when Jon headed to Chicago, he left me $100 in cash and told me to just go to the actual bank and withdraw money via the actual teller when I needed more cash. (We are trying not to use credit cards at all ’til all our mountain of medical bills from last three years are paid off)  Well, I keep failing to get to the bank during business hours, which means that so far this week, my neighbor Jerry has loaned me $50 in cash after hours, and my sister Betsy gave me her last $3 in change so I could buy enough gas to get home from her house.

2 – I accidentally left both doors to the SOLID GOLD MINIVAN wide open all night, and I did not discover my oversight until the next morning when I went out to my car to drive to my office for the day (and amazingly, nothing had been taken from the car).

Ir's those damn automatic sliding doors. I can't figure out how to work them!











3 – I accidentally left our house FOR WORK wearing two different shoes, and I did not discover this until I stopped for a Diet Pepsi at Weigels’ (which is like a 7-11 store, for those of you who don’t live in Knoxville, TN), where a crotchety woman with a bad perm pointed it out to me.

Here’s photographic evidence. (And yes, I do need a pedicure…)

Two shoes. Two DIFFERENT shoes.











Our house is also kind of messy at this point….

Jon returns this weekend. Thank God.

(I love you honey! And I miss you!)





Article Posted 5 years Ago

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