Seven Styles of Patio Umbrellas Perfect for Summer

Orange Chevron Umbrella Love_at_Cost_Plus_World_MarketMy love affair with patio umbrellas began a few weeks ago my daughters and I were shopping at Cost Plus World Marking for a gift for a friend. As we browsed the garden aisle we were drawn to the outdoor patio furniture; a few standard pieces that made a lovely set. What made them special was that they were arranged around a small brightly colored outdoor mat with matching patio umbrella. We all sat down together contemplating the magic of the mat and umbrella combination and how if we had something like this to go with our outdoor patio furniture we might actually use it. After much deliberation—I wasn’t’ sure I was up to spending $150 on a suggestive whim—we made the purchase.

Had I know something as simple as an outdoor mat and a patio umbrella would bring me so much joy, I would have made the purchase years ago. Since we set up our new, spruced up backyard patio area, we do use it, and love it. And now ever since I was won over by our umbrella, I have been noticing them everywhere. Different colors, different shapes, different pattern; I’m intrigued and inspired by the options. If we hadn’t found the style we did on that fateful day at World Market, I might have opted for any of these fine choices:


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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