Seven Ways To Soothe Your Colicky Baby

Recently I visited a friend of mine with a new little one. Her new baby boy was nine weeks old and one of the cutest little things I had seen. But when I saw him start crying, and keep crying, I had a flashback to my daughter’s newborn days. I looked at my friend and saw that same look in her eyes that I had seen so often staring back at me in the mirror. Mommy was tired. I asked about her baby boy and if he cried like that often (he was still crying an hour later), and she said yes, and she was going crazy trying to find out why. I’m not a doctor, so I knew there were zillions of possibilities and just told her about my experience. See my baby had colic… only I didn’t know it til much later. She made an appointment with her peditrician and soon after, I got call confirming what I suspected, her baby had colic. I may be rusty, but I still remembered a few things and gave her these seven ways to soothe your colicky baby tips I wish someone had given me.

  • 7 Tips To Soothe Colic 1 of 8
    7 Tips To Soothe Colic
  • Ambiance 2 of 8
    Image: Flickr Your baby was used to a quiet, low light space in the first home he knew- You! Recreate it in their nursery for optimal soothing. It may help dim those colicky cries.
  • Bath 3 of 8
    Image: Flickr My daughter always loved her warm baths. It eased her tummy and relieved her stress, and it gave both mommy and baby a just to breathe in between the cries. Most days she fell asleep for an hour or two after a bath!
  • Burping 4 of 8
    Image: Flickr A lot of tummy troubles can be soothed with burps. When burping didn't work, we tried a bicycle maneuver where we would circle her legs in a bicycle movement, then gently press them up against her belly. She loved the distraction and the relief.
  • Colief Infant Drops 5 of 8
    Colief Infant Drops
    Image: Colief Colic comes in many forms and Colief Infant Drops is meant to relieve colic when the cause is transient lactase deficiency, a temporary lactose intolerance in infants that is the cause of colic in about 40% of babies with the condition. Try it and see if your baby is one of them!
  • Swaddle 6 of 8
    Image- Flikr This? I swear by. Don't ask me why, but my daughter loved being swaddle up. Research says it reminds babies of the womb. Who knows, either way- it works!
  • Soothing Touch 7 of 8
    Soothing Touch
    Image: Simply just skin to skin contact can be very soothing to a baby, and feeling that loving touch from a parent will work wonders.
  • Use Warmth on Tummies 8 of 8
    Use Warmth on Tummies
    Image: Ladies, you know when your stomach is especially yucky feeling, a warm compress helps subside the pain? Same theory applies with infants. Apply a not too hot warm compress (we used a wet hand towel) to your baby's tummy and rub. Cuddles for bonus love.

My friend told me these tips helped her out so much. Let me know how they work on your baby!

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