Shocker: Van Tour is Easier w/o Toddlers

We just finished a short and sweet, East coast tour.  I’m happy to report that the shows were all super fun. And also this thrilling news:  There was very little complaining during the long van rides!  I can’t believe how well we all did- adults included-especially on the 10 hour drive from Durham to CT.

It might be because we actually liked downsizing from bus to van for a change.  There’s something kind of peaceful and yes, romantic about road trips.  Staring out the window endlessly with music you haven’t had a chance to really listen to in a while, thoughts you didn’t have time to explore in your busy daily routine, conversations you normally wouldn’t have unless you were stuck in a moving vehicle for hours on end…etc
The kid compliance could have also been because Mags discovered garage band on my iPad.  She was laying down vocal tracks in the backseat while we all talked in the background.  Gotta love those lo-fi noises mixed into recordings.

At soundcheck, the girls found a way to make a little extra cash on tour- shoulder rubs for a dollar.  They didn’t tell people they were charging.  They’d ask if anyone wanted a shoulder massage (which probably felt like a light, continual pinch for 5 minutes) and then surprise!  “Can you pay me now?”  Good thing we have people who like kids on tour.

Mags spent her hard-earned money on (drumroll please) a pedometer!   Then she, of course, spent her time speed-walking up and down the hotel halls to get 500 steps in every night.  This included walking in circles in the elevators.  She was literally racing herself.  June bought another. stuffed. animal. puppy…stuffed dogs take up 75 percent of our house at this point.  And tonight I heard her telling Maggie that she loves her just as much as her pretend dogs.  How sweet 🙂


Also at soundcheck, June continued to want to be in the band, choosing (again) to place herself on shaker/tambourine next to Panos (whom she said she’s gonna marry someday).

Aside from an almost-trip to the ER when June smacked into a metal pole at the hotel, I’m realizing that 7 and 4 year olds are way easier to tour with than toddlers.


What does make traveling with toddlers (and all kids for that matter) is a good tour nanny.  Please check out charter nannies- our new website is done!  If you bring your art, music or your freelance work and your kids on the road, we’ll find you the right person to help.

And now we’re home, I’m nursing my first chest cold in in years…At least my body knows to wait until I’m home and I’m able to sleep in my own (crowded) bed before it hurts.  Time for the GSE.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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