Shooting Photos Like a Pro

If you’re like me, every so often you wonder whether you need to take up a class. Whether it’s cooking skills, jumping off airplanes, rock climbing or a even a whole new language, learning something new is truly exhilarating and allows us to grow in ways we never knew possible.

Most parents I know have a desire to be good photographers. We want to capture great memories, we want to share them, we want our kids to like them (as they are sometimes the toughest of critics) and to get this done we will look to learn, find tips from experts such as the awesome Me Rah Ko right here on Babble Voices, and often also invest in the right equipment. But not too many parents out there really have the time to enroll in photography courses and even if we buy expensive equipment, we often don’t use its features fully because….well, we also don’t have time to learn about them.

As a result, technology companies have given us cameras in our smart phones. Realizing we want to capture family moments, or in some cases to the precise details of what we had for lunch (!), smartphones have emerged as the most widely used photography device mostly due to their convenience.

But those shots are not always that good.

So truly we need a camera that is easy to use but capable of high-quality output; portable and intuitive but high quality enough to provide better than average shots and one that does not require cables to allow us to share our special moments in real time instantly.

This is where the Samsung Galaxy Camera shines: your pictures will be easy to take but will also look like you took a photography course AND you also used professional gear. The image you see here, in fact, represents the third visit of a beautiful buck deer that visits our back yard. We call him “Clutchy” because of his crooked horn, but until this camera arrived, we had not been able to get up close to capture this special image of our 2012 holidays.

Can you share some of your special memories of the holidays with us here?


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A big thanks to Samsung for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

Would you like to win your own Samsung Galaxy Camera? Repin one of the photos from our “Holiday Memories + Moments” Pinterest board with the hashtag #samsungmemories for a chance to win, or upload your own photo onto your personal board with the hashtag #samsungmemories. And from there, we will pick the top twenty photos. Contest ends December 31st, 2012.



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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