Show Your Disney Side – Inside the Worldwide Campaign Launch

Do you embrace your Disney Side? That sounds like a funny question, but those early memories of our first visit to a Disney park are forever etched into our minds. What about all of the amazing memories of going to see Disney’s new movie releases together as a family? Can you sing more than 10 words of most any Disney song? Is Disney Junior always on the TV in your home? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then chances are that you have a Disney Side!

The wonderful thing about embracing our Disney Side… is that the Disney magic allows us to be a child again, right along side our children.  I cannot help but think that this is what Walt envisioned.

Last week I had the wonderful privilege to not only attend Disney’s “Show Your Disney Side” worldwide campaign launch in Disneyland, but to also be a participant in it! We even filmed two BONUS videos to celebrate the invitation!

My YouTube channel, CuteGirlsHairstyles, including my family, was asked to attend as one of 25 Disney Side Social Media All-Stars, with participants spanning from across all social media platforms {including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, and Pinterest}. Given that we are a Disney-esque family, through and through, we were thrilled at the invitation!

Rather than writing a 30-page detailed post, I decided to share with you my personal photos from the event.  My hope is to give you an inside view into the Disney Side launch event, which included celebrities like Cameron Mathison, best known for his role as Ryan Lavery on All My Children, and online socialebrities like Tiffany Alvord, MysteryGuitarman, Reality Changers, Mary Doodles, Grumpy Cat, and others.  All combined, these participants number their followers into the tens of millions, with unique content that has been viewed over 2 billion times!

  • Click through to take a peek inside the Disney Side launch… 1 of 40

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  • My Disney Side… 2 of 40

    As part of my participation in the Disney Side Worldwide Campaign Launch, I was asked to create a hairstyle video tutorial that showed my #DisneySide... you guessed it... Minnie Mouse Buns!  {We were even granted permission to film it inside of Minnie's house in Toontown, Disneyland!}

  • They could be twins! 3 of 40

    My daughter dancing with Minnie Mouse outside of Minnie's home in Toontown...

  • Our Disney Side 4 of 40

    What is not to love about this picture? Minnie is so sweet, fashionable, and full of Disney mystique!

  • Couldn’t help it! 5 of 40

    I cannot resist Minnie... she represents my #DisneySide!

  • Lemme Out! 6 of 40

    My girls having a little fun in Toontown after filming our Disney Side Minnie Mouse Buns tutorial.

  • Prepping for GMA Interview… 7 of 40

    In the Disney Dream Suite with the Disneyland Cast Members preparing for our Good Morning America interviews...

  • Tiffany Alvord and Me 8 of 40

    Tiffany Alvord and me taking a peek inside the Disney Dream Suite, just before our Good Morning America interviews...

  • Inside the Dream Suite… 9 of 40

    Touring the Disney Dream Suite... isn't it beautiful?

  • Dream Suite Bathroom Mirror… 10 of 40

    Take a peek inside the Disney Dream Suite.

  • Dream Suite Hidden Mickey 11 of 40

    Take a peek inside the Disney Dream Suite... can you see the amazing Hidden Mickey in the bathtub ceiling?

  • The night before… 12 of 40

    The Disney Parks Marketing Team welcoming us all with a launch-eve reception, and sharing the magic and vision of the #DisneySide campaign...

  • Dessert at the Disney Side Pre-Launch reception… 13 of 40
  • Who’s grumpy now? 14 of 40

    How many people get to say that they snuggled with Grumpy Cat for nearly 30 minutes???

  • Disney swag… 15 of 40
  • Night-time snack from the Grand Californian Hotel… 16 of 40
  • Early Bird Gets the Worm… 17 of 40

    My girls were the first children admitted into Disneyland that day, and were thrilled! 

  • And there they were… 18 of 40

    My view from inside the castle, looking out at the rest of the All-Stars and fans attending the Disney Side launch.

  • The Disney Side Social Media All-Stars… 19 of 40
    Social Media All Stars at the Disney Side Launch

    Kicking off the campaign in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyland.

  • Selfie Time… 20 of 40

    Pluto and me posing for our selfie at the most "Instagrammed" moment, in the most "Instagrammed" spot, in the most "Instagrammed" place on earth.

  • Cheese! 21 of 40

    My girls taking their selfie at the most "Instagrammed" moment, in the most "Instagrammed" spot, in the most "Instagrammed" place on earth.

  • Fans line up to enter the Disney Side Launch Event… 22 of 40
  • Cameron Mathison on Stage 23 of 40

    Cameron Mathison, best known for his role as Ryan Lavery on All My Children, emceed the #DisneySide Worldwide Campaign Launch inside Fantasyland.

  • It’s a Small World… 24 of 40

    Tiffany Alvord finishes her stellar rendition of "It's a Small World" on the Disney Side Stage.

  • Grumpy Cat 25 of 40

    Cameron Mathison interviewing Tartar Sauce, aka "Grumpy Cat" on stage. This cat is adorable, and you cannot help but smile just by looking at her... more than 2 million Facebook fans agree!

  • Isn’t She Lovely? 26 of 40

    Sonya Yu's Trotter Pup showing her Disney Side and posing for an Instagram photo while wearing Minnie ears on stage.

  • You’ve Got a Friend in Me 27 of 40

    Father/daughter duo Reality Changers perform Toy Story's "You've Got a Friend in Me" live on stage during the launch.

  • It Goes Like This… 28 of 40

    Mike Tompkins teaching Cameron Mathison and the audience how to make instrument sounds with his mouth.

  • Cameron Mathison Wears Mickey Ears… 29 of 40

    Cameron wearing Mickey ears from a tutorial provided by one of the Pinterest All-Stars.

  • Cameron Mathison introducing Mickey Mouse… 30 of 40

    The #DisneySide campaign gets Mickey's seal of approval!

  • Getting ready for the Disney Side fan meetup… 31 of 40
  • Full Day of Events 32 of 40

    My husband keeping track of our schedule...

  • Meeting the Social Media All-Stars… 33 of 40

    At the Disney Side All-Star Meetup outside Fantasyland.

  • Say Cheese… 34 of 40

    Trotter Pup showing us her charm by smiling at the camera!

  • YouTube Power… 35 of 40

    The YouTube All-Stars for Disney Side's Worldwide Launch {Mary Doodles, Joe Penna, Charlie Capen, and Mindy McKnight}.

  • At the Disney Side All-Star Meetup outside Fantasyland… 36 of 40
  • New on the Scene… 37 of 40

    "Convos with my 2-year old" is a new skyrocketing YouTube channel with a father filming conversations with his 2-year-old daughter, but re-enacted by him and another full-grown man. These guys' videos are hilarious!

  • Pinocchio Would be Proud… 38 of 40

    This is the actual "Woodman" from Vine, posing for my camera. His Vine videos are stop-motion, and very fun to watch.

  • Meeting the Fans… 39 of 40

    Disney Side Social Media All-Stars meeting with fans after the launch.

  • Show Your #DisneySide 40 of 40


Be sure to tag your own photos of you and your children showing your #DisneySide, on any social media outlet you wish!  You can read more about the Disney Side campaign launch by viewing its official release.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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