Show your support of JCPenney and The Ellen Show – Join us Sunday for a “Shop-In”

Let me begin by saying that I’ve never been a huge fan of JCPenney OR The Ellen Show. I’d say my feelings about both were lodged firmly in the generally neutral category, mostly because I never gave either of them enough thought to feel strongly about them, positively or negatively. They existed at the periphery of my awareness, for the most part. Drifting in and out occasionally, mostly by chance.

Well, that is until JCPenney took a stand against the Million Moms campaign of hate and stood by their choice to have Ellen – an openly gay woman – remain their spokesperson. That action moved and impressed me – a company standing up to hate and doing the right thing. Then, quite suddenly, I found myself not just interested in and engaged with JCPenney and The Ellen Show, but actually organizing a “Shop-In” for this Sunday, February 12, in support of JCPenney standing up to those Million Moms crazies. My feeling is basically that voting with your dollars is just about all anyone understands (or takes seriously) anymore, so what we’re organizing is a show of economic backing for companies like JCPenney – companies who stand by their principlesĀ and don’t bow to pressure from crazypants groups just because they claim to represent “Moms” (ugh, did you hear me groan?). Companies need to know that “Moms” as a whole don’t support bigotry, and in fact will go out of our way to support companies that stand up to it.

You in?

The protest is simple, really, and doesn’t even require that you leave the house (SHAZAM! I’ve got your attention now, don’t I?). Here’s what we said over on the Facebook page for the Shop-In:

We’re very proud of JCPenney for standing up to One Million Moms and retaining Ellen Degeneres as its spokesperson. And we’re going to put our money where our mouths are by organizing a “Shop-In” on Sunday, February 12.

Here’s the deal: 1) Go to JCP (or JCP online) on Sunday. 2) Shop. 3) Post a photo of yourself on Twitter/Facebook/Your blog/Whatever shopping at JCP, and add the hashtag #jcpshopin. That’s all there is to it!

Well done, JCPenney!

And really, that’s it. It would also be helpful to add @JCPenney and @TheEllenShow to your tweets, for obvious reasons.

Really hoping a lot of people will join in and show the world what REAL PARENTS (MILLIONS OF MOMS, in fact!) *actually* support!

Please, please spread the word:

On Facebook:
On Twitter (please RT):!/sweetney/status/167610979826401280 (Or tweet a link to this post using the handy-dandy twitter button on this page!)


Read more from Tracey Gaughran-Perez at her personal blogĀ

ETA: ABC News interviewed both Doug (of Laid off Dad, who helped me make this thing happen) and myself – here’s the piece:
‘Shop-In’ Sunday to Support JCPenney, Ellen



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