Sidetracked/Tracking on the side

When I’m about two weeks deep into a tour, I always come to this realization that I’m inspired…and that I am just wasting my time traveling-when I could be home writing music.  Then we get home and I realize really important things like:  I never put shades up in the girls’ shared bedroom (and that’s why they get up at the crack of dawn),  we might have a mold problem in the bathroom upstairs that I have to research on the internet or I just remembered that I get to throw a 4 year old princess birthday party this weekend (probably the very last pink, sparkly event in our family since they DO outgrow the cinderella fascination…hence my 7 year old princess now is determined to become a spy).  I just get sidetracked with the normal stuff.


I know, “boo f’n hoo you can’t manage your time”  but I could really use some organization to all my roles.  My family comes first.  So, with all the essential unpacking from Christmas travel and finding homes for the piles of new crystal growing kits..

and stuffed puppies that bark (and have no on/off switches)..

I’ll just let those songs float around in my head a little longer.

I love my kids but if I could somehow have the same amount of time for my work, I’d put out a record every  6 monhts.  I once skirted around that thought with a parent friend of mine. He cut right to the point saying,  “I think every day how many amazing things I’d have done if I didn’t have kids.”  He said it.  I didn’t have to.


Let’s be sure we understand that this does not mean we do not love our kids more than ourselves.  We just see all those people who seem to have endless time and energy for new artistic endeavors, and well, that is in place of their families.  Their art is their kids.  And I’m sure all those childless artists– they are selfish and spoiled-the whole lot of them..(just kidding, and I’m working on jealously reduction for my new year’s resolution)


Moving on,  how do we all feel about “writing” songs on garage band because I think I found a shortcut to get my ideas out in the 30 minutes of time I find to myself-using my ipad.  I recorded some seriously rockin guitar parts on that little computer last night while in my jammies and bed…kids were asleep.  I skipped dinner for ipad music composition.  But hey, it gave me some time to be creative.  Do you think if I don’t actually play the instruments, but all the ideas are still mine it’s still as good as really playing everything?  I’m thinking I don’t really care- ipad album coming soon.  And in the mean time, if someone can figure out a way to be a great mom and still have time to write as much music you want, let me know.


(oh, the irony)

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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