Silly Things Kids Say

You would think that at some point during my many, many years of blogging, I would have documented a few silly words and phrases that my son Wito has uttered over the past 5 years. Nope. Nada. I’m good for nothing. You guys, I’ve written involved posts about Rockstar:INXS, yet apparently can’t keep any record of the hilarious things my child says.

There’s nothing better than your child mispronouncing a word or phrase in a completely innocent and adorable way. So much that you actively choose NOT to correct them, right? Here are a few current ones floating around our house.

1. Wito pronounces security, “suhcurratay.” Every time we pass a security vehicle, ‘SUHCURRATAY CAR! SUHCURRATAY CAR!” I wish I could tell you it was random, but unfortunately, I know he learned that word from peering over my shoulder while I watched this Bon Qui Qui video on YouTube repeatedly. I know, I know. Mom of the Year.

2. “Calah-tays” instead of “pilates.” “Mom, are you going to calah-tays class tomorrow?”

3. He doesn’t pronounce the letter “l” very well, so everything comes out as a “w.” “Let’s watch a movie in the woft!” “When are you weaving today?” “I wuv you, mommy.” NEVER WANT THAT ONE TO STOP.

4. Infinity and 59. “Mom, I wuv you more than infinity and 59.” (Huh? No idea.)

5. “Printzel” instead of pretzel.

Hmmm…yep, that’s all I’ve got considering my memory bank spans about 3 days. Luckily, I posed the question to Twitter and received tons of replies. Check ’em out.

@monstergirlee The last few around here are “yogrit” “twae kon do” & “pasketti” – I’ll be sad when they’re over.

@RunHLRun2 Lyrics to You Are My Sunshine = “when skies are great.”

@Jinxyisms Pretend is be-a-tend. I love it.

@RhiRhi My niece calls her big sister “Widgewina” (Angelina). It is fantastic.

@44narmalie “Hotchscop” instead of “hopscotch.” Never correcting her EVER.

@Huntersprize My son says “mingers’ for fingers and billy the extermabator (I have nothing to do with that one) and “honkey” for donkey.

@LOD TwoBert’s favorite movie is “Desticable Me.”

@mykidsmom383 My 3yo calls our van a “Dodge Varacan” (caravan)

@alphamommy Instead of ‘forget’ both our kids say ‘get-for’. I just can’t bring myself to correct them.

@LittleBabyBlog My 14 mo says “piss” when asking for her sippy. My nieces said “ass” for salad until they were 3.

@bearca My daughter enjoys watching movies on “Neckflix.” Also, when we were renovating the house, she commented that we were getting new “doorknogs,” instead of doorknobs. And then I died.

@AngellaD Emily says ‘nember’ for “remember’ and ‘way-ham’ for Graham and substitutes ‘F’ for ‘th’ (fink, fought, etc.)

@wyobirdie Lellow (yellow)…also my son, imitating buzz lightyear, says “star command, star command, do you coffee?”

@Funkymama1 My son William couldn’t pronounce the ‘W’ in his name so he would call himself ‘illiam’. I still call him that at the age of 15.

@thetiemannator my 3 y/o says polkey-dottey, pick-a-nic, mickey donalds house (mcdonalds) and tasty milk (for chocolate milk)

@purlmama My son used to say rollerghoster (rollercoaster), chicken pops (chickenpox) and celery (seriously) – still tease him for that one!

@MaryCraig Upsosed to= supposed to Valemtines = valentines puhsgetti=spaghetti Deejus=Jesus

@katebayless My cousin used to see the trash truck coming and yell “Dumb f#$%! Dumb f#$%!” Not quite adorable but…

@dimplescfg Too many to count. We shop @ the “co-lop store,” not the co-op. Kangaroos = “candy-roos.” Festival = “festi-bull.” Video = “bib-eo.”

@SusanW Charlie used to say that he was “peetending” rather than PREtending. We still use that. And Henry referred to anything that did not occur today as happening “yesternight.” Very Shakespearean.

@OCLizi The 5 year-old also used to say the “ca-chuzzi” instead of the “jacuzzi”. We were broken-hearted when she figured it out.

@arinapz My son thinks “kiss” starts with a “p.” today, he told me to “stop pissing!” [him]!

@daniellina Pun-cuter (computer).

@elleinadspir Bonham called water shishee or chishe (not sure how to type it for you) until he was like 2 1/2.

@HeisseScheisse My 2 yr old calls zebras bazoos. I can’t get enough of it.

@SundayPizza Chick-a-loo-loo for rooster (cock a doodle doo)

That’s some genius stuff, right there. What are some of the mispronunciations and/or silly phrases you hear around your house?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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