Silver Foxes: Stars Who Prove That Going Gray Is Sexy

Is it apparent that I’ve been thinking about aging a bit lately? Because I have been. CLEARLY.

But it’s not all bad, in my opinion. Sure, as we get older there’s the inevitable wrinkling and sagging to contend with. And sure, we can opt to go the plastic surgery route, though at our own peril. But gray hair, in my view, may be something of an upside to getting older. Yes, I said UPSIDE.

Because though I may be in the minority, I personally find gray hair almost unbearably sexy, and I’m not alone. Many stars are eschewing the colorist’s bottle as they grow older these days, preferring to sport natural silver-and-white locks as they come in. Here are 10 stars who are rocking gray hair — and looking better than ever:

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  • George Clooney 1 of 10
    George Clooney
    I defy anyone to say that George Clooney's salt-and-pepper Old Hollywood style is anything less than 100% smokin' hot.
  • Helen Mirren 2 of 10
    Helen Mirren
    Class, grace, and style - Mirren has it all in spades (and a rockin' hair cut to boot!).
  • Anderson Cooper 3 of 10
    Anderson Cooper
    Gay or straight, no one can deny that AC has it goin' on. *fans self*
  • Jamie Lee Curtis 4 of 10
    Jamie Lee Curtis
    Of her choice to go gray, Curtis remarked: "My gray hair was a step in ownership of myself, my mind, my body, my heart." Word, Jamie Lee, WORD.
  • Brad Pitt 5 of 10
    Brad Pitt
    Though the Pitt of "Fight Club" will always hold a special place in my heart, Pitt's new salt-and-pepper beard and silver streaks only serve to turn up the smolder as far as I'm concerned.
  • Jon Stewart 6 of 10
    Jon Stewart
    Stewart's long been my Super Secret Boyfriend (back off, ladies!), and watching his gray hair come in over the years has done nothing if not increase my ardor.
  • Diane Keaton 7 of 10
    Diane Keaton
    Always smart and insightful, Keaton's statement that "gray hair and a few wrinkles are normal signs of well-lived life" hits the nail on the proverbial head, and I couldn't agree more.
  • Anthony Bourdain 8 of 10
    Anthony Bourdain
    The bad boy of the cooking world, Bourdain's silver hair seems almost defiant - and I mean that in the hottest way possible.
  • John Slattery 9 of 10
    John Slattery
    Slattery - as Mad Men's Roger Sterling - drips sex appeal, beyond a shadow of doubt.
  • Meryl Streep 10 of 10
    Meryl Streep
    Hollywood's elder stateswoman of film can wear her hair any darn way she wants and look amazing doing it. Gray becomes and distinguishes her even more (not that she needed it!).


So what do YOU think? Is going gray sexy? Which stars do you think wear it best? Will you go gray yourself, or opt to color?



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