Sleep Styles

One of my favorite things about little people is the many ways that they sleep.

There’s the fly catcher:  head back, mouth gaping open in the summer sun while driving down the road post-day at the pool.  There’s the spread eagle: sprawled out flat on the back, arms and legs wide as a jumping jack, snoring.  There’s the roly-poly: curled up on one side in a ball, cocooned around favorite lovey.   There’s the cherub: the serene, peaceful sweet snoozing expression that comes to even the most tempestuous toddler during a much-needed nap.

I even love the invader: elbow jammed in mama’s ribs at 4:30 in the morning, after having a bad dream and needing to curl up in between parents to fall asleep – thus keeping them awake, as they try to stay as still as possible, so as not to disturb the adorable invader’s sleep.

Jonas is a hoarder.  Every few nights, he insists on adding something new to his crib – a crib that, after a very bare SIDS-preventing 12 months without even a bumper to offer him comfort, swiftly accumulated a pack of stuffed animals.  His current favorite addition is a pair of fleece footy pajamas, which he doesn’t wear, but adds to the mound of stuffed animal and blankets.  Then, he snuggles himself into this fuzzy nest, alternately singing lullabies to DogDog and smothering him in covers, before falling asleep, half buried by all that stuff.

Axel’s style is more man of steel.  He, too, has more than a few items in his bed, but rather than lie on them, he chooses to be underneath them, as though they’re a force field protecting him from monsters lurking under the bed.   He lies flat on his back, in a very serious no-nonsense pose, with a minimum of two blankets on top of him, regardless of the heat, and a semi-orderly line of stuffed animals arranged next to him.   Oh, and socks – he insists on socks, even in his un-airconditioned room after a 90 degree day.

I have almost no pictures of my boys sleeping, as I’m too afraid that the flash will wake them, but I wish I could snap a few more.   Watching them sleep makes me think that, for the moment, all is right with the world.

Picture by Jenna Walker

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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