Your Advice on Sleepless Nights

I want to thank all the Babble Voices readers that took time to offer advice about my last column.  It means a lot that you took time to both read and comment on my situation.

Someone suggested to give the baby Benadryl prior to bed.  That scared me.  The reason? Not what you might think.  When we were on the West coast, my three-year-old had an allergic reaction to something.  His doctor as well as a local pharmacist had suggested that we give him children’s Benadryl.  I was told by my child’s doctor, as well as reading the warning on the box, that doing this may cause drowsiness. So I was sure to give him the medicine around nap time and bed time. Bad call!  Instead of becoming drowsy, my 3-year-old became crazy. The Benadryl has a reverse effect on him and he was WIRED.  So, when I got the suggestion to give this to the baby I though,t “Oh Lord.  If it had the same effect on him, he’d be awake longer as well as wired”  I thought if the baby was wired he would be even more fussy.  So, I was a bit scared to try that approach.

The Baby Wise book I forgot about.  Someone suggested reading that.  I actually had it in my bookshelf from my first son. That was quite helpful. Another one of you had suggested swaddling.  As crazy as it sounds, my kid hates anything on his legs. When I cover him with his blankets, he’s sure to kick them off. I will, however, try the “swaddling” him.  Maybe he’s kicking blankets off involuntarily and the tightness of a swaddle may calm him. Our first son loved that.

Also, I heard some interesting information from more than one of you about breastfeeding.  You had suggested that I get milk checked to see if something in it was upsetting him.  My baby is on formula, but I was fascinated to think that those who are breastfeeding may have something in the milk that keeps the baby awake.  I never would have thought that. So, to you ladies, thanks for that interesting info.

The sweetest suggestions actually came from a dad.  He had several suggestions.  Raising the mattress, also swaddling, as well as playing classical music.  Our 3 year old has his own CD player that plays classical music to him every night.  I don’t know why we haven’t done that with the new baby.  I think I’ve been brain dead and just hopeless about his sleeping.

Hugs to all you Babble Voices readers.  Your kindness is very much appreciated.  I will be trying your suggestions and keep you posted on how the baby is doing with his sleep.  Until then, if you see me on the road and I seem a little groggy, just wake me up. I’m probably napping. (or passing out from sleep deprivation)  😉

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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